common good: wealth by and for the commoners

Are my thoughts queer or is it just because I am that they are deemed so?

but you know, when you consider the calibre and force – the absolute truth of the words and assess the quality of thought


queer really becomes a value added to the thought


outsiders can better compete in the market place of ideas, because we’re not grabbing for the blandest most mass appeal words to say and really, the volume of lies and distortions, the public political process has lost all sense of truth or morality and is invested in complete imaginary replacement of anything that resembles reality.

but the public beleives it and it becomes real in a sense after a while


because people are really unwilling to find out about things that they don’t know about.


and really, if you had any courage or conviction or genunine beleif in what you beleive; then information that contradicts it shouldn’t be a threat to you to the point of corrupting the education of the poplation or engaging in so many lies to obtain power.
in total contradiction of your stated values that you say qualify you for office.


well, the only criteria for office is being willing to sell out to the highest bidder

and that means that you have no morals to sell out.


Nina’s Rules of Writering – Understand Subtext

I grew up in the 1970s watching American Hollywood cowboy and indian movies from the 1950’s; in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Canada.

In the 1970’s in Canada, the indigenous people finally won the right to vote in Federal and Provincial elections. So you can imagine perhaps the culturally charged atmosphere in which I lived while watching these historically biased and inaccurate films, while around me, these very inaccuracies were starting to be address and social changes were going on.

And for now, I am going to leave you all with just that thought. because I need to take some time to reflect and decide what if anything else that I would like to say on that subject or if I would like to take it another level of thought and expand on that. I will let you all know.

Enjoy your evening



Note: Yeah, I decided to not think about this for a while. so no more on this topic.

When the line becomes dotted and dashed

I worked for three and a half years at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I was not a police officer, I was a Federal Public Service Employee.

As in all departments, attending harassment workshops is mandatory. So inevitably, I found myself in one.

The facilitators asked what set RCMP employees apart from other federal employees.

Since I was the only person in attendance without their supervisor, naturally, the response fell to me.

“We have jobs because people suck.” I said brightly – noting to myself that other federal jobs are more regulatory in nature and dealing with specific aspects of Canadian society and the economy.


Well, natural the room was silent with the sound of people stifling a laugh or not disguising their horrified gasps, depending on whether they were employees for the former and superiors/managers as the later.


Well, after being lectured about the nature of police work, dealing with crime scenes and criminals and life and death situations and so forth – I then simply reasserted

“right, all of which occurs because people suck.”



now, as funny as this is, when you also know that I was friend with the two woman facilitators and you know that my goal was not to say what everyone else in the room was hiking, but rather to make my pals laugh while they were trying to do their jobs.








Writers chat about writers

As a writer, I have never been that connected to reality, so being diagnosed with a pyscholtic break with reality by my doctor, really didn’t register on me as significantly different than my previous experience

but being as capable a communicator as I am, and yet, not being able to communicate with anyone to the result that the event that caused my breakdown were ceased and I was protected according to how the policy of the employer – which is really the law of the land….

I say that reality was broken to start with and I just stopped playing with the sharp edges.

Gun control prevents people from becoming criminals

when the American bill of rights was orginally created, the framers did not imagine a future where citizens felt an entitlement to be judge, jury and executioner of their fellow citizens.

the America of the time was a less settled state with threats of foriegn government, but the founding fathers also had the idea that the form of government that they created might someday fail and need to be replaced.

sadly, this has actually come to pass and for the very reason they feared – Christianity – has invaded the halls of government and perverted the secular Federal republic that they envisioned.

The idea that you must be armed against your government is a truism in many places in the world that are theocracies or dictatorships, where the government feels entitled to execute citizens in addition to legislation

and this then permeates all levels of society where people now accept that murder, blackmail and other activities is the means to get ahead or resolve differences or solve problems or worse, just to get your 15 minutes of fame or got out of this world in a big splashy way that you think will get you remembered.

which is one of the biggest dangers of the media coverage of mass shooting events, is that others who are contemplating or heading down that path are then encouraged to have a bar to exceed, as if that’s a good thing to be remembered for.

the reality is that no one just snaps.

not for mass shootings and not for suicide either

there are always signs and a pattern to the behaviour and people need to learn them and pay attention.

more imporantaly, when someone does report the authorities, be that police, workplace management or school administration – needs to take the reports seriously and investigate.

families need to pay attention to behavioural changes and especially if a person who was depressed or angry suddenly gets happy – because that is the true danger period – because more likely than not, it’s because the decision has been made.

not to do it – because that is practically a forgone conclusion, so it’s not a decision of if, but a question of when – and deciding “today is the day” – is what is making them happy, not that they resolved their issues….but that they are going to payback everyone who they perceive hurt or slighted them.

even when and sometimes especially total strangers or other scapegoats….

workplace guide to violence prevention

and a last thought on this subject:

There’s prevention of future crime – which gun control supports

Then there’s dealing with current crime, which gun legislation can assist with by the increase in charges and penalties for involving weapons in crime and not as negotiation tools for plea bargins.

But the reality is that as horrible as gun crime and violence is, the white collar corporate money crimes do more harm to society than violence – even though in the US alone, murders have an economic cost of losing 1 million hours of productivity a year, adding the decades of work that the murdered people could have contributed to society, never mind the cost to their families and friends for the loss of their person and the qualities of joy and happiness they potentially brought and maintained in the world

Perhaps it’s time that we looked at violence as being against the victims and their family/friends instead of being against society and balance the interests of victims of violence crime vs the criminals and consider the mass economic crimes of corporations as being against society.