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Flash Foward and Suzanne Lyons

I first did this workshop in 1998 and it was revolutionary for me – because Flash Forward is about play and possibility.

I filmed Suzanne Lyons doing an introduction to Flash Forward – and I want to share what Suzanne has meant to me.

Because in my darkest days – the strongest voice in the dark of my essential existence is Suzanne Lyons.

So I am inviting people to play with me – and be open to possibility.

If you’re not sure how to do that – I turn it over to Suzanne to explain the basics:

The essence of Flash Foward – the workshop that teaches you project management to achieve your goals and live the fullest, most authentic and committed life you can:


The Essentials


Wake up Call

Relationship Map



Learning to Pitch

So that’s Suzanne Lyons – just telling people about what she’s going to tell them during Flash Foward.

I took Flash Forward in 1996 and I became a coach of Flash Forward in 2001. From 2002 to 2004 – I organized Flash Forward and coached and did it all for Women in Film and Video Vancouver -and in 2009 – I with my partner in possibility, Vancouver Actress and Force of Nature –Yvette Dudley-Neuman – did Flash Forward as an independent workshop because that’s just how valuable that Flash Forward was to us.

Here’s what people said on the last day of the last Flash Forward in Vancouver  and boy, if you could only feel the energy in that room – it would have powered a small town:

So my Flash Forward Goal for 2012 is a Game Called Who Wants to Hire Me?

I can solve any problem put to me, but I do not promise that the problem that I solve is the problem that you think you have.

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