Being Queer is different not something you happen to be

I am a person. Equal under the law to any other because I live in Canada.

But I am not treated the same in society or by individuals because of my sexuality.

Something that should have no bearing on anyone who I do not invite to participate in sexual activity.

Nor should anyone feel entitled to push their religion or beliefs or opinions on me or expect that I will live my life according to other people’s ideas that I do not share.

That one person may not approve of marriage between same gender people doesn’t mean that I or other people like me should not be able to be married. Or have and raise children.

The social stigma against minorities, whether they are a sexual, ethnic or physical/mental abilities or anything else that sets any group of people as different from the norm or average mainstream of people.

Individuals are not groups – we are all just people. No better or worse than anyone else because of the group characteristics that identify us to the larger community or which inform our self-identity as people.

Understanding group dynamics should lead one towards a state of curious compassion. Not intolerance or fear or mistrust or hatred.

It is difficult enough for any person to manage in the world, given the state of persona; finances, economic participation, family status and inter-personal relationships.

No one needs to have their lives made harder because of other people’s small and selfish mindedness.

At the end of the day, it’s you that you have to face in the mirror.

Make sure you like and respect who you see – so govern yourself accordingly.