Fan Club Newsletter – Vol 3


Big Boned Gal Pride

Now – DEAR READERS – you all know that I am an Elvis fan and a Canadian at the same time.

I wanted to show you all – what I have been doing – to help me recover from being bullied at work – and I am not looking for any trouble – so I can’t show you me impersonating Elvis – because – Elvis Presely Enterprises is very very particular about Elvis on the internet.

Now, my Mom, she taught me many things and I do not always listen to my Mom – and for that – I am sorry – because – I mentioned in passing on one of the recent posts on this blog – that my Mom does not really believe in Therapists.

She prefers to keep things to herself and not talk to strangers about private matters and that includes therapists. And when my Mom is feeling down or blue – she turns to music to make herself feel better.

So – Mom – this is for you – because – being able to laugh at yourself is a sign of mental health and music – can tame a savage beast or make you catch a breath so deep that you can’t help but rid yourself of all the stress and worries and cares of even the whole wide world.

So – kd lang – a Canadian singer who combined Elvis and Patsy Cline into one person – and kd lang is a performance artist first and a singer second – so – I only hope – that if she hears of this tribute to Canada’s Own Lady kd lang:

sorry, that’s an inside Canada joke – you can google my Dad’s favorite Canadian singer – to understand the reference:

so, kd lang, where ever you are in the whole wide world – I only hope that you will smile and understand – this is not for profit – this is for a good cause – mental health and not letting bullies – named Johnny or otherwise – ever get you down:

at least, not for too long…..