People become displaced refugees for many reasons…..

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we need to stop living in ethnic or cultural enclaves – there is less than 1% genetic difference between any 2 people of the 7 billion plus on the planet. We have to be able to work and play well with each other or face an intolerance and religious fanatical holocaust with nuclear and biological weapons. the idea that any group is more valuable or better or whatever than any other is the stupidest idea that ever culturally arose. Xenophobia does not work in a global community – there are too many of us and we need to work cooperatively on environmental and migration of people issues – Canada needs more immigrants – workers are needed all over the world, yet 10s of millions are stranded in refugee camps displaced by war, civil upheaval or natural disasters. this just really shows that the idea of inalienable rights is a legal fiction that is meaningless given the amount of discrimination against individuals for belonging to this or that group – and then against the groups themselves. humans are not the apex intelligent species on the planet, we just learned to use tools to alter the landscape and were too dumb to keep our population sizes manageable enough to not have to live in our own waste production.

Iran – Stop the bidirectional bombing – stop the massacres – stop the hate