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Arts vs Crafts

What makes the difference between arts and crafts when so many of the same activities fall into both camps?

Creating art takes talent and skill and these two elements are craftsmanship.

Doing a craft also takes talent and skill and these are also artful.

So why are paintings, sculptures, novels all art while needlework, quilting and pottery crafts?

The only difference that I can see, given that anything in either category to be done well takes talent, skill and dedication:

art is created by men and crafts are done by women.

Sort of like how when typewriters were invented it was a male profession, but when it was clear that women could type better, it became a lesser paid support position.

I have pondered the question of arts vs crafts for a long time and it was really during the recent Olympics that struck home the sexism.

During the Olympics the Canadian Women’s Hockey team was winning their games by huge leads – and being criticized for “over winning”. Often they won by double digits in goals.

The men’s teams were never critized for winning by big leads.

The women also took huge negative attention for their celebrating their gold win – a couple of women drank some booze on the ice in the empty arena.


We don’t know how the men celebrated, since boys will be boys and what happens in the lockerroom apparantly stays in the locker room.

But the bottom line was that men play sports and women play some lesser version.

It was appaling to me that the Olympics are supposed to celebrate amateur athletics, but the men’s hockey teams are drawn from pro-players.

We can’t allow women to ski-jump because there aren’t enough of them – but because there’s somehow not enough male amateur hockey players, we violate the major reason for the Olympics and use Pro-Athletes?

Men play real sports and make art while Women play indulged sports and make crafts.

Yet, our PM Harper saw fit to remove equality from the mandate of Status of Women.