Mass Shootings

Whether it’s at school at work or just out and about in the ordinary world, we can never know when we might be the stranger and be reduced to a statistic and a mention in a news story.

But what we can know is this: DO WE KNOW A POTENTIAL SHOOTER?

a potential suicide or any degree or magnitude of loss of a person because of the lack of a social safety network that supports mental health and psycological well being.

How we treat each other is often horrifying and completely basesless, we need to move beyond stereotypes and prejudice and the idea that our prejuges should have any force or substance or meaning in reality.

we need to work and play well with others

we need an economy that supports people participating at the highest level of their capacity and recognize the right to exist, to be free to pursuit happiness, whatever that means to the individual

the right to swing your arm, ends well before anyone else’s nose begins

we need to see each other as people, because that makes these types of events unthinkable to deprive folks of their life

and then the other half is the CRITICAL INCIDENT DEBRIEF….

And from my Lezflirt Blog:NOT ALL SLUTS RUSH

And, as a CANADIAN, who enjoys Universal Health care

I have to say that sluts deserve and need health care the same as anyone else.

and, if you don’t have your health, well, what good is the pursuit of happyness?

After all


the FREEDOM to




So, with every ounce of love and curious compassion and forgiveness in my whole body.

Rush Limbaugh, you need to lay off the drugs and get laid.

Really fucking hard.

Just saying.

and for everyone else: