Opinions vs nuanced understanding of matters

seriously, never prove you are a fool – and really, I don’t know why I entertain myself with these people – oh right – to show my readers how to identify fools so you can avoid them yourselves!

Nina suffers fools for education and entertainment purposes only! and not at all gladly.

ah sweet victory and then bored now! LOL



If Government is of and by or for the people, why does it seem to hate said people?

American Trilogy

That Americans promote their Government as the best form of government for the whole world to model on –  starts to make sense why, on the other hand, Americans have a constitutional right to be armed against said government.

All I can think is the best government is one that executes laws on behalf of all citizens equally  – and not just for specific kinds of citizens while executing other kinds of citizens – who then, would no need to be armed, against their government.