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Meaning of life and pursuing happiness

People are one thing, military use of them another

to really support the troops, bring them home and restore them to their family, friends, loved ones and pets.

that’s the support they need the most and respect when they get home

not turned into homeless street involved people who have fallen through the cracks, their lives disrupted forever by not being able to unsee or unhear or unfeel what they experienced

and end up isolated, disaffected and disenfranchised

supporting the troops with military support is not the support they most need

rehumanization, self preservation mechanisms intact and mental health recovery support

that’s what I want for the troops

ask what your country is going to do for you -or for yours in the event that you do give your life – because when people are asked to do that….

well, even the families of suicide bombers get compensation from the organization they exploded in support of.

how telling is that?

don’t trade freedom for the appearance of security

freedom is measured by how much you can dissent, not by how many conform