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Elvis, Equality and Equalization

Coatless Canadians and the Inside Passage

With our last Alaska port of call completed, the Coatless Canadians turned southward to watch again the super natural beauty of the Inside Passage.

Canada is a country that is uniquely positioned in the world. Being the northerly neighbour of the USA and having a shared history of European migration makes that relationship different than USA and Mexico. The US war of independence and Canada’s diplomatic path to that same end has loomed large in each country’s self image.

Canada has lived torn between it’s European connection and the natural geographical ties to the USA. So growing up in Canada was a little schizophrenic, being inundated with both British and American TV shows and movies and largely being timid to set about an image of our own and when we did establish an international presence, we are far too humble about it.

These thoughts weighed on my mind as I watched the Inside Passage scenery and thought about the 1970’s British Columbia filmed TV Show, The Beachcombers. A comedy about a motley crew who’s major star was nothing short of the British Columbia coastline – the scenery which ensured European sales of the program that kept it on the air longer than it would have been on it’s own merits.

Far too heavy thoughts for a sunny day and watching dolphins – or they might have been porpoises, we never got too good a look:

Farther down the coast, Orca whales made their appearance.

Then, we encountered a pod of orca whales:

His Noodley Goodness makes his presence known, and we give thanks to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for the bounty and beauty of the sea.

You can just make out the whale’s exhale on these above and below images.

And then a dramatic detail from the above:

Then it was onto our final port of call: Victoria, British Columbia.

Parliment building after dark

Pirate Party of Canada

Started in 2009, the Pirate Party of Canada strives to reform Canadian information laws to meet the needs of the new century.

We are in favour of:

  • Copyright reform
  • Reform of the patents system
  • Better respect for privacy
  • Net neutrality
  • Open government
  • Digital sovereignty
Which of course doesn’t mean you’re also not one of these pirates