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Socialized Systemic Bullying impacts individuals in context

Living on a Human Scale – Star Trek Style

While we have the same amount of time in a day, in a week, as our ancestors did; we no longer live in the same scale of human existence that they did.

Our far ago ancestors were hunters and gatherers, largely substance existing and over time, learning to squirrel away against the winter and other lean times.

Aside: The ant and the grasshopper – although, I always thought that the grasshopper got too bad a rap and the ants, being able to prepare, could have been more compassionate and even been able to plan for it. Maybe there was a reason that the grasshopped lived only in and for the moment, we’ll never know. Certainly, the grasshopper lived on a grasshopper scale of capacity.

As we increased our food storage and buffer capacity, developed tools and added technology to extend the work we could perform to be beyond what our hands alone could produce; technology extended our reach, our reality.

The faster that technology develops, the faster human scale expands. But that core of us is still a hunter and gatherer – our brains change slower than our technology changes.

And so, people who cannot adapt as readily to change, resist change – and they resist all changes from technology to civil rights and the usual method of clinging to the past is religion. Religion is of and for the past – it is not future looking, it is afterlife looking, it is limiting the human scale and experience back to the bronze age of human scale.

We don’t live in the bronze age, because visionaries, technologists have brought a new human scale for us to occupy and exist, to be in.

In significant ways, we are already living in the future now – the internet, cell phones – that technology means that it doesn’t matter where on the globe we are – we have the ability to reach out and impact each other – meaningfully and deeply.

We need only to look to the Star Trek universe to see what the future could be.

People watched the first Star Trek series and from that, scanning machines for medical use were invented – early cell flip phones – transporting, alternate energy all kinds of real science has been invented because people were inspired by the program.

Star Trek Next Generation brought about file compression and brought sound and video – live streaming – inspired by the computer’s accessing music, holosuites.

People are clipping blue tooth phones to their ears and wear them like  communicator pins – we are in constant contact with the people we know and those that we care about.

We aren’t alone in our heads anymore, we have only to reach out – with technology – and be connected, intimately, meaningfully to other people.

Human scale isn’t measured by one human alone, but what we collectively can create and bring into the world.

Which is why, we need to have numbers of people on side – we need to have people looking forward, not back, to achieve the next level of human scale achievement.

Looking back doesn’t serve the future, it only serves to keep alive the hurts and harms of the past, of history – we need to know it, but leave it where it belongs – behind us.