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An Elvis Theory

Elvis was the first and the last entertainer that all the people of the world could agree on.

Elvis walked into Sun Records and said he didn’t sing like nobody.

And he was right – he sang like everyone in his own unique blend and voice.

Elvis was a boy from Tupelo, no better and no worse than anyone else.

He didn’t lie and he didn’t steal – music back in those days, was for everyone and everyone shared.

Elvis became a focal point – the eye of a cultural storm – and after Elvis, there was very little diversity or cross over in music, because everyone across all the genres of music, copied Elvis.

But, if you are an Elvis fan, no explanation is needed and if you aren’t, it’s been said that no explanation is possible.

But I humbly disagree, and I may be wrong and you can accept it or don’t. It’s up to you.

Elvis sang country with a blues vibe and blues with a country vibe and he took away the sadness of those musical styles and made it joyous and sexual – rockabilly to rock n roll – and he delivered that music – with a gospel fervor so intense that his 1950’s concerts were compared more to tent revivals than orgies – although, the emotional tipping point between a revival and an orgy is pretty much the same tipping point.

But rock n roll was only part of the Elvis appeal – and what made Elvis such an emotional magnet – was his sentimental and vulnerable side – and his first national hit record – isn’t even classifiable as a specific genre and pop or popular song – is really too vague.

Now – Elvis was the king of music – back when the media was a 45 RPM.

And the flip side of Heartbreak Hotel – was Elvis’ personal favorite song.

The funny thing is that years ago – when I was 12 – and I was at home.

My Dad phoned me – most of the family was worked at a family owned business.

Trygg Ceramics in New Westminster and that store sold finished ceramics and taught classes – and they played the radio.

They had a contest – you had to name the flip side to Heartbreak Hotel – and a big argument broke out in the store – my Dad had just gone to pick my Mom up from work.

The debate was very heated and the people in the store didn’t think the contest was very fair, because, how could anyone know – what the flip side to a Elvis single from 1956 was.

Most of the women in the store – were major Elvis fans.

So, my Dad called me – and he said – very clearly to prove to all those at the store, that he did not prompt me.

DAD – Nina, what’s the b side to Heartbreak Hotel?

Nina – I was the One, why?

Dad – no reason, it was just a question on the radio.

And when you combine – Heartbreak Hotel – with this song – as the original Elvis fans, way back in 1956 did when that record first came out…

Then, I think, the true magic of Elvis, just might reveal itself.

Elvis was the King.ofmusic.allgenres.alleras.always.

And Elvis the man doesn’t need any billboard charts or RIAA certifications or Halls of Fame.

And Elvis fans, don’t need anything, but Elvis – and the truest soundtrack for any Elvis fan, is Elvis himself.


At theluncheon Elvis accepted the honor, at a banquet held at the Memphis Municipal Auditorium, he was reflective, misty-eyed and clearly humbled to be in the company of the nine others, who included Thomas Atkins (Boston’s first black councilman) bio physicist, Dr. Mario Capecchi and cancer researcher Dr. George Todaro. Elvis had once again invited the Memphis Mafia gang and his young wife of only 2 years to join in the celebrations.