Psychoptic Breaks with Reality vs Delusional Ones


haters and bashers

because that is what bashers do to lure queer folk
bashers even go into gay bars and pick men up and then take them to their friends for a beating
it is really ugly what they do
so in a weird way, sex rooms in the clubs are kinda safer in a way – as long as you use condoms
when I worked for the gay paper
I interviewed a guy that that happened to
it was really harsh. and it was a tough interview for me
the worse part was the police
because they kept saying it was a mugging
but it was not
it was hate crime
they only beat him and they did not rob him
he had a lot of cash and jewelry on him too
so the police bashed him for a second time
failure of authority – especially police to serve and protect is the worst failure of a secular society

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged – stop cherry picking your own rules godbots