Equality: It’s in you to give to everyone

unlike blood, which needs to match – equality is really a one size fits everyone.

Anxiety – Pumpkin butter! Food is the best medicine


Pumpkin seeds have tryptophan in them which is one of the essential amino acids and plays a major role in your nervous system messengers helping you sleep, relax, and rest. Tryptophan is also used by the brain to make serotonin, the substance that makes you feel happy and calm.
What can eating tryptophan foods do for me?


  • Help regulate your appetite
  • Help you sleep better
  • Elevate your mood
  • relax you

More health benefits of Pumpkin seeds-
-Anti inflammatory

-Anti Depressant

They contain L-tryptophan, a compound naturally effective against depression.

-High in Magnesium

-Vitamin E

-High in Zinc-
The zinc in pumpkin seeds helps protect skin cells membranes and maintain the connective collagen. Good levels of zinc in our diet also helps promote skin cell renewal, making us look younger and fresh!

 Pumpkin Seeds are used in many cultures as a natural treatment for tapeworms and other parasites.

I know a friend personally that eats many pumpkin seeds and they make his hair grow so fast and his skin is glowing! My mom carries the anti-anxiety seed butter in her purse and takes a couple of tablespoons during the day.  It’s great to spread on toast or sandwiches, or just snack on!

I like to eat seed butters instead of nut butters. They digest easier in my system and leave me with more energy!

Make sure you soak your seeds to release the enzyme inhibitors making digestion easier and mineral absorption better.

Soak for 6-8 hours in filtered water and rinse


1 cup of raw soaked pumpkin seeds

1 or 2 tablespoons virgin cold pressed coconut oil

1 tablespoon raw honey

blend in vitamix or food processor

Put in mason jar 🙂


NINA notes:

having a sense of humour and being able to laugh – especially at yourself – is a sign of mental health.

good nutrition is the best way to keep your body and brain healthy and functioning properly.

I have been a vegetarian/raw foodie for three months and have lost about 70 pounds and greatly improved my physical and mental health – and anything that reduces anxiety that is natural – is highly endorsed by me.

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Womb through life to the tomb

Raw, Fresh and Wholesome

I hadn’t meant to do any more random or specific ntrygg type blogs.

But – I have – just one more thought – so – I have created – just one last ntrygg character:  PRECISION NTRYGG.

And this is the first and only and last – public appearance – of Precision Ntrygg.

Now – this post – it’s about transitioning and graceful exits – so this post is a return to nature post – to return to my garden – which – is one of the best parts of this whole story.

And I will say – I will only say – that – there is just one person in Vancouver – and since I really doubt – that he – reads my blog – I am just going to keep that whole story to myself.

And the only hint – that I am going to tell Dear Readers – is that that story is the truest reason behind the new title of this whole blog – from start to cold reboot and followed by a warm reboot on Friday March 23 – when I am going to post – 2 videos of me singing without any music or other voices – two completely different – well – mostly different songs; before returning to normal programming, as originally intended: a photo essay blog – about my garden.

But if you see me, in person (and if I am not wearing my moccasins) or if you call me on the phone (and I answer), I would…I could, with just a very little encouragement, to share that little story…might, maybe, probably, just depends, on if…how..why..where…or you know – it’s a funny story – and I would share it with anyone who asks me in person or on the phone who really needs a laugh. But only if they genuinely want to know and IF they ask really nicely.

Now – I was sleeping – very soundly – and I was pulled awake by some – impulse to be connected to the larger universe – and I think it’s because – I am not normally an agoraphobic person and I have never been shy or anxious or nervous – at any point in my whole life.

I know that most of you will not beleive me – so I am going to tell you a story about Nina from high school

Nina was a drama student – and I really enjoyed acting back then in high school – but Nina has only ever wanted to be a writer and more recently, a teacher, and who knows – that high school computer didn’t know what possibilities existed for Nina in 1984….

Now the last drama class that I took – was in my third high school – so I had no history with that last high school acting teacher and she…was who she was – and I was exactly who I am and always have been. We didn’t get along – in case that – wasn’t clear. but that was a lot later than this story:

She put a list of things on the blackboard – and told us to pick out the last thing we were willing to do and then pick what we’d like to do more than anything on the list.

The class was about 15 to 20 teens spanning grades 10, 11 and 12 and I didn’t know a single one of them.

And I do not remember that whole list – but I do remember – what my two things were.

Least Willing: you know, I am not going to include this detail.

Most Willing: Sing a song, any song

And out of that class – only three of us – sang songs.

And you’d think – that with my extensive knowledge of music – and given my favorites – wouldn’t you know if – that the only song – that I could even remember all the words to was this song – and I think – that it was just – just so clear and sweet and genuine that even allowed me to remember the song at all – but that Marie Osmond – she’s a very wise woman, even and maybe especially in these most recent of years…

But I digress…Dearest Readers:

Because – I just was woken from a deep slumber – you see – I live in the suburbs and I have a backyard neighbour – and let me tell you sometimes – fences do not make for good neighbours….nuff said – moving on.

And that neighbour – I have never once talked or engaged or spoken to the current occupant of the house – it’s the third set of people since we moved here – and they installed a security light – one of those really bright halogen lights – and they leave it on 24/7 – and it’s as bright as sunlight – but it’s a cold and harsh light – not full spectrum – and it really sucks up the energy and those kinds of lights are in fact, fire hazards – the dust that settles on the bulbs – literally can burst into flame – that’s how hot halogen lights are, dearest readers – so please – do not use them in your homes.

I digressed again – it’s what happens when I get nervous or excited – and I just feel like I have to share my knowledge and my insights – and I really – have to get control of my impulses – which is why – Dearest Readers – I am reverting the blog back to it’s original purpose – nature and gardening.

So now – the part of the blog that I intended to write – when I was woken from a very sound sleep – and I have not slept that soundly – for a very long time.

And to be honest, I’d rather be sleeping than blogging. But, such is life, and so is this day.

Now – my spouse and I – had a very small disagreement today.

She asked me to try some of her yogurt and it was some healthy brand or another – it doesn’t matter.

Because I said – no, I don’t want to try it, because I haven’t read the nutritional label.

She got mad and I got confused – you see – I was writing something earlier – when she came into our home office this morning – but – everything was fine – we even went out for brunch, went to the craft store, the grocery store and the pet store – and I only had – one very small panic attack – when a small child – started screaming, just because it could.

So – yay me – my spouse helped me through that panic attack and then, we were able to continue on with our day – as if nothing had even happened.

Celebration for Me!

Sorry – off track again – nutritional labels:


UPDATE: 6:45 am – I couldn’t fall back asleep – because I realized that I forgot to say something here – the reason that I can’t read nutritional labels is because they are not a scientific description of the contents of the food product – they are the basic science information required by legislation – and the wording is entirely – advertising and marketing – and those people – have a job to do – and it’s to sell that product to you – and they do their jobs very well for their clients: the food product companies.


If the food you are eating has to try to convince you that it’s nutritious – then – just the fact of the label should demonstrate to anyone – that there is not a lot of nutrition or raw or fresh or wholesome foods in whatever that label is referring to.

Because that so called nutrition label – is not anything other than – marketing.

and here’s the only thing you really need to understand about nutrition labels – because I am getting sleepy again – and I don’t know – how much longer that I can hold onto this thought:

“Natural Flavors” is market-speak for 2 things:

  1. all the chemicals we don’t want to admit are in this food product
  2. all the ingredients sourced from insects

Now – insects are very nutritious – probably the most nutritious ingredient in that processed, prepared or packaged food.

In 2007 – I was sickened in the Maple Leaf Listeria lunch meat event – and Maple Leaf – admitted liability and immediately created a fund for compensation of people who – well – there were deaths and a lot of people were made sick.

So many – that it’s taken until 2012 for those checks to actually arrive.

There were 7 levels of compensation, depending on how sick you were – and how sick that you could prove that you were.

Level 1 was no proof, just psychologically impacted and Level 7 was death – so that compensation was to the families.

I was a level 3 victim – and because I was diabetic – I was not able to undergo the normal treatment course – I had to go on very serious anti-biotic course of treatment – and that made me, very sick. But, I recovered and my digestive system was restored.

So – if there is any take away from the blog formerly known as Random Ntrygg – it’s just this:

  • Eat raw, fresh and whole foods.
  • Use psychologically and environmentally friendly light bulbs in your home.
  • and drink – lots of water – because water does a body a lot more good than any other drink, whole, 2%, 1%, skim or homogenous….

and I will – just add – one piece of medical trivia – people who are lactose intolerant – do not have any digestive problems with raw milk.