Disney Princess Day

What a day.

Went down town to Vancouver and didn’t even get anxious crossing over the Georgia Viaduct. I think knowing that I’d be spending the day with my Mom in Gastown while the Spouse was at a work seminar made it easier to breath that loud city air.

Click here to see the pretty sparkly treasure haul.

After lunch at my favorite Szchewan restaurant – tan tan noodles and szchewan beans! drool.

Even the Ogo Pogo returned to the garden!

But, what really made the day, a Princess Da; was, in my best Red Dwarf Cat Voice:



this lucky of all finds in the whole of the day

Request for Positive Thoughts for my Aunt Olof

Hello Dear Readers.

This is a slightly different blog than usual. I am not asking for prayers, but if that’s what you can offer, then I thank you kindly. Mostly I am asking people to think good thoughts about my Aunt Olof.

She has been ill for many decades with an inoperable brain tumor and her life has been challenging. But she is an unflaggingly cheerful person and recently, she had a mild stroke.

She is going to be okay overall, but this this represents something of a health setback for her.

And that’s partly the problem with long term chronic illnesses. You get used to how bad it is and that becomes the new normal; until things get worse.

So, I want to share a very happy story about my Aunt Olof and this story is from 1988.

When my Aunt won a radio contest and the prize was a trip to Memphis to see Graceland.

Here’s some photo highlights of our vacation to Elvis’ home. My Aunt Olof introduced me to Elvis and she took me to Memphis. One Christmas, she even gave me her Elvis scrapbook. It included one of the mid 1960’s fan Christmas cards, it’s my proudest collectible.