Writer Chat 68 – Raping Republicans

and then…

It is curious to me that I make comments about a group of people

someone finds that offensive and personalizes it then takes me to task for having said it


because when I post a general observation about a group, it’s about a group that is not going to see the comment or even care or be bothered by it.

so how is that bullying?   – especially since the comments are from a position of lower power, influence and authority – so there’s literally no impact


but telling a person they may not expresses their views because of perceived offense or rudeness?

FUCK THAT – fuck that fuck whoever thinks that and fuck anyone who agrees with that


If you disagree with what I said – then disagree with what I said.

not me. not my right to express or hold said opinion.

that is not a counter to what was said, that is a personal attack – and that is bullying behavior.



and merely disagreeing or labelling it thus and so – IS NOT A COUNTER ARGUMENT


I do not post from emotion – and most people do. This is why communication on line is fraught with so much more conflict than in person interactions.

People act like there’s not a thinking feeling person on the other side, because most people are too silenced over their lives that their sole concern is to get their points out there

without ever considering how best to get their points across.


So shouting into the void and hearing only echos is not surprising


when people do not bother to take the time or put in the effort to actually connect to the conversation if not the person…


Sally’s Last Ride

I understand that her being a role model for women to get into the sciences was enough of a challenge for her career.

But how much could she have spared her partner and the queer community – if she had come out after her space flight – a sad recognition of reality that is – and been a vocal support of equality too?
the more people who are out, the more society sees who much gays and lesbians and non-heteronormative people have to offer and contribute.

I do not supporting outing celebrities in any area – only politicians who publically are against what they do in private.

but having prominent gays and lesbians in non-entertainment or sports fields is in many ways, more important to show the true diversity of our community and how we are part of the full range of society.

I was a social activist for many years and for 13, I was a Federal Government of Canada employee.
In 7 departments, I was the only OUT AND VOCAL lesbian – but I was not the only gay person – there were many managers at all levels who were gay or lesbians and they did not find it safe to be out.
So if Senior Managers cannot be out – that says everything we need to know about how safe it is for rank and file employees – and it doesn;t matter what the law or policies say

when there is no will or effort to enforce or embrace them

people in groups will act as the lowest common denominator – it’s why there is so much bullying – might does not make right, might is just about being righteous.


haters and bashers

because that is what bashers do to lure queer folk
bashers even go into gay bars and pick men up and then take them to their friends for a beating
it is really ugly what they do
so in a weird way, sex rooms in the clubs are kinda safer in a way – as long as you use condoms
when I worked for the gay paper
I interviewed a guy that that happened to
it was really harsh. and it was a tough interview for me
the worse part was the police
because they kept saying it was a mugging
but it was not
it was hate crime
they only beat him and they did not rob him
he had a lot of cash and jewelry on him too
so the police bashed him for a second time
failure of authority – especially police to serve and protect is the worst failure of a secular society