Immigration and Refugees

makes an interesting point about bisexuals – are they gay enough to qualify as a refugee fleeing from persecution of homosexuals?

A Million Statistics or Facts will not change reality or preceptions

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That was a big thing in the 70s getting to go out for Chinese food. The going out was a treat in my growing up years.

As an adult, living in the same region,  authentic and 70’s style Chinesefoods are side by side with any other food kiosk at the mall. It’s not an occasion anymore, it’s just lunch in the way that any food is just lunch.

So, the more food cuisines at the mall the more cosmopolitan you are. More telling is when food from other cultures seep into your mind as comfort foods.

In addition to oatmeal and grilled cheese, my comfort foods include tan tan noodles and korma chicken. Foods that I didn’t grow up eating, but I think of as just as comforting as the foods that I did.

And it takes a country like Canada to do that; where immigrant populations haven’t had to individually fight for their rights as citizens.

On Canada, we leave that to the First Nations; the aboriginals that European colonization laid to waste. Then managed by successive colonial then quasi-independent governments; In Canada, it was gays and lesbians who fought for and won legal equality which should have been a matter of course in the Charter of Rights in the 1980’s.

Interestingly, the Charter came into being after the First Nations won the right to vote in the 1970’s. Still, pot latches were illegal and the attempts to stamp out the culture continued.

We fought as individuals and we fought as couples: Canadian Couples and Canadian-Foreigner Couples.

So Canada, if you want foreigners to have our ideals before they come to Canada;

Then Canada has to open the doors to the one group of people who continue to be put to death, persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and experimented on

Gays and Lesbians, the Transgendered and the Bisexual

The most oppressed people who want nothing more than to be free and law abiding citizens in a land that will treat them like people.