Beacuse Haters are usually self loathing closet cases….

You can not pray way the gay and teaching others to hate as you hate yourself is CHILD ABUSE.

Life does not begin at conception and end at birth!

To hate is to be anti-life – and self loathing people who hate those who are honest with themselves and out in their families and community need to stop preaching a gospel of hating other people.

Then claim that they are doing god’s work and that their god has anything to do with love.

Haters make Jesus cry – you know Jesus – he had TWO DADS and hung out with 12 other men and never married.


OK, so you believe the Bible, but have you actually Read Said Bible?

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Short Answers to Christians’ “Gay Bashing” Scriptures


Due to the disturbing vote in North Carolina to constitutionalize marriage as being between one man and one woman; because of my friends who are Christian and believe the Bible to be against homosexuality and for Reparative Therapy; to educate the ignorant masses who listen to such hate-mongers as Pat Robertson, Rick Santorum, Fox News, Family Research Council, People for the American Way, NARTH, Focus on the Family, and others, I have decided it’s time to send a message out.

This is my little treatise on the VERY few “Gay Bashing” scriptures in the Bible. I will also include a couple of instances in the Bible that many learned men believe are representative of some same-sex relationships and example of biblical homosexuality, one of which, was “blessed” by Jesus’ healing.

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