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The pursuit of happiness is the Freedom to take Liberties with what and whomever makes you happy.

It is an abomination to deprive others of life, liberty, freedom and to prevent them from making the choices about and for their lives that make them happy.

We are each the expert of our own existence and no one’s OPINION or Religious belief is morally, ethically or legally permitted to infringe on what is our sphere of influence.

No person’s PRIVATELY held beliefs supersede or otherwise stand as more important than the foundational documents of a secular democratic civil society.

Freedom of Church and State protects both the church from political interference, but was in fact PRIMARILY designed to keep the church out of the business of the State.

That is why King Henry the 8th of England banned Catholics and eliminated the Vatican from controlling his personal life and why he created the Anglican Church of England and appointed himself head of the Church in addition to being the secular King.




Marriage is a legal contract and everyone is equal under the law