Dear Citizens of the Earth

If you think about it – it is clear to all of us that anyone who calls for the slaughter of any group of people because of their religion or ethnicity – and that this is the definition of genocide.

Then why are Christian religious leaders at all being tolerated within America for calling for the starvation or fencing in – aka concentration camps – of gays and lesbians?

It is clearly a mental health issue that people become convinced that they are a moral authority with the right to demand executions of other people or groups of people.

That these Death Mongerers and Haters are in positions of authority – not just in small churches but also mega-churches – because the scare mongering about gays and lesbians being responsible for the heterosexual divorce rates, or crime or 9/11 or whatever else they are trying to blame on gays and lesbians.

I mean, that’s what Germany did to pass all the laws before World War 2.0 against the Jews.

They banned marriage to Jews, preventing Jews from operating their businesses and made them identify themselves and be registered.

The idea that a government would execute citizens for belonging to groups – this is what America was founded to stand against.


Give us your tired huddled masses yearning to be free.

America was founded on the idea that the individual had the choice to determine their own live -free of government and religion.

That the individual was and IS the SOCIAL UNIT OF CONSEQUENCE.


and that’s what pursuing happiness is.

The freedom to take liberties with what – and who – makes you happy.

Worst Songs ever written or recorded or beleived

Number 1

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What these songs are really about:

Religion Incorporated – and corporations are less important than people

and just to show how fair minded that I am – an excerpt from my Shut-In Stand Up Blog:


I live in Canada – and while Americans and Canadians use the same language – we are not speaking the same meanings or understandings of things.

Because the Dali Lama plays well in America – because Americans have such a terror of communism – that they’d rather support the Tibetian kind of self-serving so called enlightment – where monks navel gaze and the peasants do all the labour.

And in China – well, they stamped out that kind of buddhism centuries ago – and I would think that Americans should be appreciating Chinese Zen Buddhism – which requires Monks to grow and labour and support themselves

and not enslave the peasants to support monks who navel gaze.

AND how I also can see the problems of people that I more or less agree with.


Department of Redunancy Department





Pursuit of Happiness