Leveraging Social Media

For anyone who is seeking to establish themselves as a subject matter expert or seeing to advance a career through publicity. social media – blah blah right? well. duh

we all know about it, but what are we actually supposed to do with it?

well, for one. starting a fan club on facebook. even it’s just your friends and immediate peers – posting interesting topics, getting discussions going – will draw more traffic.

then, you just have to be creative.

like this screen shot from my fan club, which is mostly other writers that I have known from various peer review groups, such as http://www.zoetrope.com and http://www.thewritersbuilding.org – as well as more recently on facebook,.

Screenwriters and novelists are the participants in the Writer Chat features that span my blogs.

Suzanne Lyon’s Tips on Social Media

Opinions vs nuanced understanding of matters

seriously, never prove you are a fool – and really, I don’t know why I entertain myself with these people – oh right – to show my readers how to identify fools so you can avoid them yourselves!

Nina suffers fools for education and entertainment purposes only! and not at all gladly.

ah sweet victory and then bored now! LOL



Science is the study of nature and the natural universe

Science is the study of the natural universe.

Supernatural things like paranormal and deities are not science and do not belong in science class. they are NOT controversial they are opinions, beliefs and besides the point.

They maybe be properly taught about – as opposed to taught – in literature/art classes and in portions of history that deals with how religion has retarded both social progress and scientific progress.

From my Current Self to my Teenaged Self

There is a idea of writing a letter to your future self that was not around when I was a teen – but I think for me, these poems serve much the same function

I am proud to say that my politics and complex way of looking at the world is the same.

but I am a more skilled writer after composing over 1000 poems, an anthologies worth of short stories, 9 times in the 3 day novel writing contest and more than a dozen feature scripts.

10,000 hours of practice to be deemed an expert, for what those writer statistics and that recognized reality of endeavor in any field be it arts or sports or even business is worth.

When I consider the substance rather than the arranging of words,
My mind continuously returns to Thomas Grey’s elegy

“Some mute inglorious Milton here may rest,
Some Cromwell, guiltless of his country’s blood.”

Confessions of a teenaged poet

Sexuality and Relationships: A Book List

and the most important one is the one I will link to: