Some truths and some true things


This is elegant:

“By “natural” we mean the proper or fullest end of a thing. ”

but not meaningful.

It is not necessary for all things to fulfill their proper or fullest, in fact, we need things to not do this, otherwise, all things are homogenous – it’s only with variation that we can even know the fullest potential.

But variation also allows other fuller potentials to be realized – so to be all we can be, we all in fact, need to be different, so that across the globe, all possible human conditions are experienced.

The trick now is trying to ensure that most people’s experiences are positive – and that means giving up things we’ve outgrown like discrimination and gender roles.

We need to look to the future, not the past – otherwise, we are artificially limiting ourselves.

In fact, if anyone really believes that their god made humans perfect and complete – yet are not living naked in the woods as hunter/gatherers – who are living a clothed life reliant on technology and infrastructure that is not at all natural or the way their god intended.

So why not come into the current century completely and look to building a better and inclusive by diverse humanist future.