We’re all 6

If our personalities are fully formed by six years of age – then doesn’t that mean that the effective way to deal with everyone is as if they are an over-sized six year old?

Doesn’t it seem to explain a lot about people’s behavior?

If everyone is just large size children, seeking to achieve their own goals no matter the cost to others or the group? With the same consideration really, that a six year old gives to others,

Children are the centre of the universe they inhabit if that universe is in the western democratic nations – in other places, children are a labour pool that you divide your resources between in hopes that some will grow up and be able to take care of you if you become elderly or infirm.

Aside: I wonder if the human age of 6 is a comparable, in terms of physical/mental development and lifespan, to other mammal species age span  of when an offspring is deemed an adult member of the herd/pack. Or when a mammal mother deems the offspring capable of self-care and has a second offspring…..

Do you think that the reason we never get to leave the schoolyard and why everything we have a strong emotional reaction to can be connected back to early childhood issues is because our personalities are set by age 6?

So, after that point, we really just get bigger and think we know/understand things more nuanced

But when it comes to rubber hitting the road, crisis, issues, insecurities, fears and phobias, that we’re all really 6?

That “Growing Up” is really just a big game of pretend the world is more sophisticated than a 6 year old can relate to?

Watching adults drive and walk and behave certainly suggests that most everyone has a worldview that they are the central figure of consequence above all others, that everything is about them or because of them, that everyone else is responsible for the safety of their person and feelings except for them.

All of which is reliant on social niceties, to act as if we’re all equal until the social hierarchy asserts itself or conflict arises and someone’s view has to dominate.