Best religion?

It’s always funny to me when a believer wants atheists to rank religions in terms of what the atheist thinks them acceptable or more believable.

Because when the broadest stroke – a deity/supernatural – is ridiculous on it’s own, the details of worshiping said skydaddy aren’t even considerations in ranking them.

That some religions are worse than others in their violence levels (historic and current), their oppression of women and their attitudes towards minorities and non-/other believers, doesn’t make the least offender acceptable or more beleivable.

Worse, that these believers don’t realize that their attempt to create a slippery slope where if this religion is okay, then why not the next most similar one, is such a clumsy and obvious strategy that is easily sidestepped by answering none of them are acceptable or at all beleiveable.

Well, maybe they don’t realize or more likely, that they don’t respect the atheist as an intelligent person so dishonestly expect that we won’t see through their sad attempt to get a concession.

In any event, I’d rather be the worst of a good thing than the best of a bad thing.