Writer Chat 25 – Layperson Opinion vs Educated Opinon

Words matter

and do I really need to remind people what the most obvious and dangerous meaning of his word chilling recall?

I was just following orders

I thought someone else would do it

It’s someone else’s problem

Someone else will take care of it.

Guess what?

as unique and special as each of us like to think that we are or maybe we even actually are

each of us is someone else to everyone else

but we all need to start looking out for each other

there’s enough people who are willing and want to inflict harm on people

and the worst harm inflicted is the people who could help but chose not to

who chose to be silent and just stand by.

because silence does equal death

speak truth and you know it’s true when your voice shakes


so they who are not worthy of their positions


because they know their time is short

Obama 2012

vote for the ethical leader who has compassion and fairness and is a man of ideas.

not a man who hoards money and wears special undies to feel good about himself.

although seriously, girlfriend, I get that. I like silk on my tushie too.


the answer to the question that I thought was rhetorical, because yes, apparently people do need plain spoke reminders:

Going There

Censorship is not just for Christians

A heart, a brain and a life

A heart that doesn’t care doesn’t get broken, but it also doesn’t get to love or be loved.

Maybe love is taking a risk and discovering that it’s no risk at all.

I can’t help but think that early childhood events that upset your child understanding of what’s normal – which is you’re the centre of the world until you get older and learn that everyone thinks that because that’s how we experience the world – which is perhaps why we walk around expecting everyone to know what we know or beleive as we beleive

when everyone’s experiences vary and occur under a wide range of optimal to sub-optimal conditions – which change what we could have been under ideal conditions.

As if each bump – parents can separate or die or leave you, or people who are supposed to protect you will harm you, even if you’re 5, knocked you down a step from what your ideal could have been.

So it comes down to us, our resiliency and adaptability, to manage,to cope, to find ways the thrive despite….but it’s early childhood where we develop our sense of self, of security, of protectiveness.