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Criminal Vs Religious Organizations

Crime Organizations are really not different than Religious Organizations.

Both have

  • a rigid hierarchy structure, where you have to perform tasks or obtain favour from the top in order to move up
  • a strict code of conduct, granted this is enforced far more in the crime organizations than religious ones.
  • a code of ethics, where again, the crime organizations are superior to the religious ones, since their code is more uniformly enforced
  • use uniforms and other symbols to indicate membership, rank and achievements. Gang uniforms being a particular style of clothing and accessories, often tattoos.
  • use fear/intimidation to control people and often reward their supporters. Crime gangs often rewarding with material goods and protection while religions offer intangible after death rewards that don’t really help you eat or have a roof over your head.

Where they differ is:

  • religious organizations hoard wealth while crime organizations more widely distribute it, including spending
  • religious organizations are more selective about punishing straying members or leaders, often dependent on what the scandal was – sex, money, drugs, ordaining women while crime gangs tend to be much stricter to deal with offenses – so a person really has less leeway to develop unacceptable to the group behaviours or actions.
  • religious groups are not competent to screen their applicants to ensure they won’t be exposed by a scandal, whereas crime gangs have better human resources screening techniques of starting an applicant off with small tasks and work up to bigger jobs to test their mettle and commitment to the cause.

Where they overlap:

  • Religious organizations are often involved in crimes or crime cover ups, whether it’s embezzlement, child sex scandals, gay or straight adulterous sex scandals and criminal organizations are all about covering their crimes up.
  • While Crime Organizations are often made up of people who share a religious belief and do not find that their religion is at all in conflict with their business.  Much like the Pedophile priests and those who protect them certainly aren’t prevented by their religion to not commit crimes. Other religions also have the embezzlement, adultery, and other types of sex scandals.

I have to wonder, if the people who are the hierarchy of religion act in ways that is clearly not compatible with their professed religious teachings – how much can they really beleive in their religion?

If anything should be a straight drop to hell, it must be molesting children; yet hell isn’t a compelling deterrent, so I can only conclude that the people peddling the religion aren’t believers of that religion.

  • Some criminal organizations may even believe that their business is very Christ-like by thwarting authorities and the money changers, that they are in fact doing god’s work. And we know how much organized religion thinks they are doing god’s work, which neatly aligns with whatever the religion wants to do.

If terrorists can justify their actions with that, there’s no reason why a crime organization can’t too.