Oh WAKE UP Canada

What’s a pension worth?

I never planned to talk about my job online, but something’s come up that I cannot ignore.

Bad enough the “surplus” in the Public Service Employee pension was sucked out in 1998  – this surplus was owing to investments that resulted in more money than had to be paid out at the time – this money should have remained to cover lesser yield investment years  – it would have saved taxpayer money.

But Harper wants to change the pension plan for new PSEs – this creates a two tiered system – a class system if you will, of employees of the crown – and that is unfair.

Please tell Harper to leave the PSE pension alone – per person, the MPs pension is far more costly – and they only have to do 2 terms to get a full pension

Harper’s one year first term counts as a full term – and if parliament falls when they FINALLY return, this last year will count as a second full term –

that means the MPS get a Full Pension for 2 years work?


and he has the nerve to complain about mine? I have to work 30 years & pay into the pension to get it.

and his pension will be more than my salary!

7 myths about the PSE pension plan

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