A Homosexual’s Response to a Christians Response to Homosexuality

A Female Bible Warrior talks about homosexuality here.

Well, I had a longer response, but it got eaten somehow and lost in the ether.

Okay, well, I guess I was wrong to think that you were open to a curious and compassionate discussion.

It’s disappointing to me, but as long as you genuinely don’t understand what is so wrong with your slippery slope nonsense and you can’t see what harm that people putting their personal morality above the law and equality of other people and what harms that this causes for living breathing people.

Because you might want to consider, given the global nature of the internet that when you say that you’re a Christian, depending on a person’s experience and understanding of history – you are saying Christian and only you know what that means to you – and I was curious enough by how you wrote to see if there was something to get to know.

Instead of curiosity or compassion, you tell me that I am not equal in your eyes and I never will be. There is no discussion possible between inequal people of what they have in common or what they can learn from each other; because you view me as lesser value than you. Because you are not connected to understanding the natural world or the nature of the public square. That makes me sad that you are living in a nation that started a grand experiment – a society where individuals were and are the social unit of consequence with the freedom to take liberties with whatever makes you happy.

But instead of that discussion, I get compared to someone who has an attraction to animals and that my marriage to my partner of 17 years is less valuable than celebrity or prisoner or game show marriages because at least those are straight people.

That’s how you are coming across to me – and other people will and can be hearing something very different than you mean, ranging from: systemic sexual abuse of Children, Meth off of Hookers, Big Hair and Bigger Embezzlement Schemes and the eternal terror/dread of being caught with a dead girl or an alive boy.

But worst of all, they are more likely hearing isolationist, puritanical, end of days hysteria – like Chicken Little not understanding that it’s acorns and not the sky because Chicken Little got a religious disclaimer instead of science class.

Is that what you want to be seen as?

Or do you just not want to realize that that’s a possibility and go back to a Christian bubble reality where everyone else is just a perpetually rebelling teenager or dedicated to immorality and of no consequence to you.
Because it seems to me that if you want to be a Bible Warrior – then you need to know what you’re up against, it’s an up hill and not a pretty battle.

Unless you are only going to battle with other Christians over the details.