For Jenny who I know is still experimenting with life

A while back – I did the book exchange with Jenny – on case no one from my blog ever went to Jenny’s Blog – I have something sad to show everyone.

I stumbled across Jenny’s blog last year, when I was feeling… let’s just say as a catch all – depressed. And I saw words that I had never seen before on Jenny’s blog “I have only read 3 books in my life.”

So I stopped to post on her blog and she responded and we struck up a conversation that lead to a Book Exchange – an Experiment in Religion.

And just to remind everyone – Jenny won the book exchange – I have still not finished the slender volume she sent me – but the book exchange really profoundly changed the both of us. And I am really worried about Jenny – because she stopped blogging about her experiment with religion – because when she got experimental – all her regular Christian readers – and probably people in her life – they freaked out and tried to stop her – and she has stopped blogging – but she is okay – because we have not stopped writing to each other.

So I am asking my readers – who are probably not Christians – to drop by Jenny’s blog and support her continued experiments with life.

Because I did not mean for Jenny’s blog to ever end and I am really sad that she has not been supported with her exploration of faith and spirituality and life.

And I did not mean to change her life as I have – it was after all, a random encounter on the internet – that lead to profound and life altering for Jenny and life affirming for me – personal revelations.

I was trying to reconcile in my mind how people who say that their religion is about love can hurt people. Because I had finally and truly and deeply been hurt by people that I saw only at work and I worked in the Federal Government of Canada.

So the people that I worked with – were the range of Canada – representative of the demographics of Vancouver BC – Lotusland as it’s known within Canada – The Gateway to the Pacific Rim.

Thus, when I say that I was bullied by people I work with – I can only guess what everyone who reads the blog thinks that I am referring to.

Because I was bullied by 65 people and I only filed complaints about 7 of them.

So, when I was – placed – on disability – the workplace bullying that most people encounter is usually not more than 7 people – and most people – I was terrified to discover from my research into work place bullying –


That most people do not recover from their school yard or work place bullying – and I do not want to diminish anyone’s pain and suffering – because it as as bad as anyone else’s in the sense that it is all consuming – obessively so.

But – Something that Jenny and I did not talk about – because, as I said – I am an atheist to Jenny’s religion.

Atheists do not accept claims for a deity or set of deities/demi beings – because there is no evidence possible for anything that leaves no evidence.

Without evidence, a trail of clear bread crumbs, you cannot make claims about everything being a crumb of evidence for a diety.

Everything is not evidence for Something Invisible – everything now is just the current version of earlier versions of the same thing – be it a population or a habitat or a social system or organization or movies and sequels or tv shows and rebooted tv shows – not unlike  – (or in American English) – kinda like – computer software version 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0. 3.5, 4.0 and so on and on and on and on….to infinity and beyond.

Now, before I was surfing the blogosphere – I played on many many public forms so I had an idea of what the religious/athiest – I’ll be generous here – conversation – is like between Americans.

And I am a computer geek – old school – I loved computers before the DOS operating system and I remember that QDOS stood for Quick n Dirty Operating System – and I know what the internet was like when it was just us hardcore geeks and how the internet changed when anyone could buy a computer and decide they were a Content Provider – social media ruined the internet.

The internet used to be a place where information was freely shared and now everyone wants to sell information and the only sites that can make money are the porn sites but with social media – who needs porn sites – when anyone can just surf Facebook and see all the Tits and Ass and Abs and bulges of underaged people or even more of drunken, passed out, partying or wasted or partied out people without risking having the police show up on your doorstep.

People sued to worry – was the internet making people into perverts?

No – all people are curious about other people – we are social animals – but in the olden days the sexual predators of children had to behave themselves and when they revealed too much of themselves – they got caught and what happened to them is what happened – after all – we all talk about Thinking of the Children – but none of us seem to actually like children.

I do not like children because I was never a child. I was never a teacher’s pet either – because that was not the relationship that I was having with the teacher – to the rest of the students – they were a teacher and to the smartest students, that teacher was a mentor – but to me – no matter how old I was – that teacher was my competition for the class’s attention – and the relationship that I had with each and every single teacher – depended on how said teacher treated me.

If they treated me like a child – they had competion.

If they treated me like an adult – they had a second teacher in the room with them who supported anything they wanted to do in that classroom – anytime they wanted to do something in the classroom.

Now – I don’t want anyone to get a false impression of anyone who has taught me anything – because – as I said – I know predators when I see them. I told one to go away when I was 5 and because of that – I was able to tell Clifford Olsen – the child killer self-named Beast of BC – that my Mom was coming to the store to find out what was taking me so long to get back home when she told me that I had only 20 minutes to run to the hobby shop and back home with my purchase.

And he got scared of a Mom who had so plainly laid down the law to this bright blonde and blue eyed girl – that despite her friendly smile and bold swaggering walk – was obedient to her Mother.

And Child Predators – the average child predator molests 250 children over the span of their – shall we say – careers – and that is the average – some molest far fewer and others molest many many more – 250 is the average – and I am telling you – that I know what I know and I am telling you the only part of what I know and not how I know – because I can’t tell you where I got that information – because I am not supposed to have that information – I read it in a report in a government office and someone had left it – in a lunchroom – and that report was classified.

If you have seen the movie Bridesmaid – there’s a character in that movie – who is a lot like me – except – I am a lesbian – and her character – was not a lesbian – she was a heterosexual woman how was acting exactly like a man.

Because seriously, lesbians are sheep – they wait around for someone else to make a move. So imagine – a bar full of lesbians – all waiting – for someone – anyone – to make a move. And if you are interested in flirting and what I learned from those sheep – head on over to LezFlirt

And I look at what people of all ages post and I think – wow –

That shit is never going to go away and all these people – who some day – will want jobs or a judge to think the better of them or voters or who know who you will be in the future and how what you do now when you’re young or just head strong –

I mean – if you want to have a future – you need to play it cool like this guy – he grew up and became the first hybrid president of the United States.

And America is so zero-sum – that they can’t see – he is the bridge – that connects both sides of America.