Naturalism is natural

Fear arises from what is strange or unfamiliar to us

but there is no reason to fear differences and expecting differences, learning about them.

that’s the best way to deconstruct and dismantle the fear


no one group has all the answers nor does any one group represent the only path to find answers.

we are all on our own journey and path, and there 7 billion plus of us.


no one of us knows what’s best for all other other people.

Beliefs worth dying for

.Show me an atheist who has died their beliefs recently…. well there’s your problem

not having fanatical beliefs means you never have to die for them

life and quality thereof is the concern for atheists

not beliefs with no basis in reality

why should any thinking person want to die over what amount to fairy tales?

or worse, kill another person or genocide an entire group of them?

because of a book that you cannot read in it’s original language from a culture that no longer exists and never looked like the image people have in their heads, that have been edited by committees over the centuries to be updated to ensure the most recently identified social minorities are the ones to be hated above all others?


well with the except of the cherry pickers who only pick that parts that make them feel liberal and nice while they claim to be the true representative of the faith who’s blood soaked history they conveniently delegate to human nature and blame on transitive science and technology – you know the things that make quality and quantity of life possible?

Brief Thought On Existence and the Meaning of Life (via SomeMusician)

My research into existential crisis has lead me to realize that even the the idea that given that i will die, what purpose does life has is a small concern when whole civilizations rise and die out – spanning tens if not hundreds of millions of lives.

That life is short and finite gives life meaning – but the purpose of it is what we individually make of it.

To live a life that is centred on something external like a god and to take purpose from that, is not to live a purposeful, but an unexamined life that one is hoping has a purpose in a larger plan that is not known to the person living said life.

I cannot imagine living an externally centred existence, and it’s little wonder that so many religious people are willing to throw away their lives as suicide bombers, as if taking life is a purpose and worse, expecting a reward.

What an evil and callow god they worship.

Better to live an internally centred life and make meaning and purpose.

I've often been told that leading a life of atheism (I am still unsure of what this means…seriously.) is one that is without purpose, without value. A life of atheism would be a depressing one as our lives would be rendered cosmically insignificant. While many of the theists that say this fully concede that this does nothing to support their claim of the existence of a God, this unfulfillable life that would result from there not being a god wo … Read More

via SomeMusician