Plank BBQ – Chicken


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With the weather being so gorgeous, it was really impossible to not fire up the BBQ. But, certainly weather doesn’t stop me, I’ve BBQed when there’s snow on the ground. We had planned to BBQ Turkey parts, but the store … Continue reading

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Cooking – Pork Loin Roast

I made a pork loin roast last night with my new amazing ingredient:

Lava salt with activated charcoal.

It seems to really kick up the flavour of any dish without overpowering it.

For this dish, you’ll need:

pork loin roast

Pinapple spears

Spices: Paprika, Ancho Powder, Lava Salt

Roasted Garlic


I started by rubbing the roast with Spanish Paprika, Ancho powder – the Ancho adds a smokey taste, not a spicey one, and roasted garlic. I sprinkled the lava salt over the roast as I turned it. And you don’t need very much, as it melts nicely.

I browned the roast on all sides for searing in the juices.

Then moved the roast to the roasting pan (with a couple tablespoons of oil in the bottom), while I quickly seared the Pinapple spears to give them a smokey tint.

Move the spears to sit on top of the roast, then put in the oven for 90 mins at 350 degrees C.

A green salad and boiled nugget potatoes make for lovely side dishes.

I have even tossed some lava salt into butter being melted for popcorn.

It turns the butter a pale grey, but once it’s on the popcorn, all you notice is the amazing flavour.