Timeline Snapshot

people should focus on their own lives and families

and organized religion needs to have a lot of public scrutiny – not just for people not being required to catered to or show “respect” for beliefs they do not subscribe to – but to stop giving crediblity to ideas that are not deserving of any – and the criminal and immoral conduct of corporations – which is what organized religions are – not charities – but corporations and multi-national ones that that:

so they need to be paying taxes on profits and income tax for their employees – since they benefit from the infrastructure and taxes paid by the people they seek to oppress…..

Cabal of Cannibals and Pedophiles have no moral authority

Catholic Church: An International Cabal of Cannibal Pedophiles

Pedophiles against Birth Control & Women’s Rights

So yes – if people who attend the Catholic Church really do not support pedophile priests

then the very least they can do is:

  1. Demand accountability
  2. withhold tithing until the victims are acknowledged and compensated
  3. change churches to one with less of a violent history
  4. especially if they do not support the anti-women, anti-birth control positions

Basically, if you are a member of the church and you do nothing, say nothing – that is support – silence is consent.

and for those of us who are not members – your silence is our deaths.