Start Where You Stand

Catholic Church: An International Cabal of Cannibal Pedophiles

Religion Incorporated – and corporations are less important than people

and just to show how fair minded that I am – an excerpt from my Shut-In Stand Up Blog:


I live in Canada – and while Americans and Canadians use the same language – we are not speaking the same meanings or understandings of things.

Because the Dali Lama plays well in America – because Americans have such a terror of communism – that they’d rather support the Tibetian kind of self-serving so called enlightment – where monks navel gaze and the peasants do all the labour.

And in China – well, they stamped out that kind of buddhism centuries ago – and I would think that Americans should be appreciating Chinese Zen Buddhism – which requires Monks to grow and labour and support themselves

and not enslave the peasants to support monks who navel gaze.

AND how I also can see the problems of people that I more or less agree with.