Dawn at the Glacier


Fair Criticism

I worked for 13 years in 8 branches of 7 Federal Government Departments. just.saying.

I have been an out lesbian since 1992 and you have no idea the cost that’s been to me on a personal and professional level. so I say, anyone who’s self loathing closet case in a position of power or influence to do harm and does – must be outed by the community.
Queer Nation from the late 80’s and 90’s people. Seriously, lets’ see some Act Up hussel out there. Lesbian Avengers rule. grassroots community non-violent but artistically rendered activism!


Are you religious? yes – then no office for you

We cannot have politicians creating legislation about people’s PRIVATE MORALITY – Trudeau said it – the nation has no business in the bedrooms of the nation

We cannot have politicians imposing their privately held religious beliefs into the federal budget – natural disasters are not god’s punishment for human sexual or reproductive rights behaviours – and we need to endure emergency preparedness and disaster mitigation plans and infrastructure is in place.

More than that, we need complex nuanced thinkers who can understand what climate science reveals about our industrial and transportation and commercial/capitalism is doing to the planet’s biosphere

and stop muzzling scientists across the spectrum of science from climate to biology!

we do not need Friday night drinking buddy/share a pew  on Sunday caliber people in office making laws or government policy – we need people with critical thinking skills and the ability to understand and respect the needs of a culturally diverse society and Canada’s role in a global society.

Calgary Herald Article: A matter of faith

The mega-church headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s pastor friend boasts a coffee bar, a soft-rock band and a shopping-mall-sized parking lot. Rev. Brent Trask’s RockPointe Church — which displays moving images of Jesus on three giant screens when elders serve communion — is perched on rolling farmland right next to Highway 1A.

Harper beleives in hell and he’s creating it within Canada

Random Ntrygg for Prime Minister of Canada

I am Canadian.

I am proud of our country that serves as one example of what multiculturalism can be – we’re not great on that, but we’re trying to be and that counts – and an international reputation for punching above our military prowess capacity in coalition with other nations to maintain the peace and support the development of social order in nations dissolved into internal strife and chaos – often genocidal.

Canada, with all it’s flaws – and there are many – is a nation with a social safety net – and having finally been saved by this social safety net – I am in a unique position to see where that net needs to be repaired, where it needs a finer mesh and most of all, what’s making that social safety net not work – and it’s the administration of the major support lines for the entire system.

Because the current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has never appeared to me to be proud to be Canadian and with comments like Canada is a third world nation, that the public service, the judiciary, the senate and everything is against him – seriously, why do we keep allowing people to stand for office who have no appreciation for Canada and who are apparently seeking to remake us into “Canada – the America Junior Edition.”

Harper must be stopped – he made it clear in opposition that he is only interested in a narrow segment of Canada by his attempts to prevent equality for gays and lesbians.

Moreover, he can’t be trusted to keep to his word, even when he gets his way – he brought down the minority Paul Martin government and replaced it with his own minority government and then had the nerve to ask that the opposition parties respect Canadian wishes and support the government as elected.

Um, you didn’t when Paul Martin was in that same position, Mr. Harper. Don’t ask for what you can’t offer back.

Mr. Harper put into force a law to fix elections at 4 year intervals, then he orchestrated an annual non-confidence vote, blamed the opposition and cried to Canadians that he can’t do anything until he has a majority.

But, he is unwilling or unable to say exactly what his vision for Canada is – and that should be worrisome – because if it was good for Canada – then get Canadians on board with it and vote you that overwhelming majority – that Mr. Harper can’t reveal his vision tells me everything that I need to know about it – because it means that I am not included in his vision.

Related to discussion, but not Mr Harper specifically: In order to get your full pension as MP, you have to serve three terms in office. Since terms of office can vary up to 5 years, it’s measured in number of terms, not number of years of service.

So, basically, Mr Harper’s law said that terms were to be fixed at 4 year intervals (meaning 12 years of MP service for a full pension), but Mr. Harper has dissolved parliament and had an election every year – and he’s in this third term now – as are many of the Conservative Party.

So I ask – who is costing Canada more in pension funds – MPs who can get a fully indexed pension for life after three terms of service or a Public Service employee who gets a full pension, indexed at a lower rate than MPs after 30 years of service to Canada?

In his first term, Mr. Harper ended the Charter Challenge program to stop the progression of equality assurances, removed equality from the Status of Women and slashed them from 17 to 5 offices, cutting of a flow of funding to non-profit groups that provided funding to women’s centres and related non-profit groups throughout the land and has been attacking the vulnerable sectors and undermining traditional Canadian values at every turn.

So – here’s my vision for Canada: Star Trek.

Because in the Federation, everyone’s survival needs are assured and your thrival needs are only as limited as the effort you individually make to make the most of yourself and your life.

That’s what I want Canada to be – the closest nation to a Star Trek Federation reality.

I am not sure of all the steps – and that’s a good thing, because Canadians need to be more engaged in government and we have the tools to make government a participation of the citizens and for the citizens.

Iceland recently used social media to re-do their constitution and I do not propose anything so dire – the Charter of Rights, as it exists is already robust enough to expand actual equality in society because it’s mean as a scalable document.

The role of a secular democratic government is to assure the equality of all citizens, to the maximum extent possible given the current level socially progressive and to expand that equality as groups are identified who are lesser than. Because no citizen should be lesser than any other citizen.

Where I would start is the public service – how we service Canada, how we’re not, where we’re falling short and what the bottlenecks are.

I have 13 years experience as a Federal Public Service Employee spanning 7 departments. I have crammed more into my short career than most PSEs who start and end in the same department, often, in the same position, changing only when technological changes force them to change how they work or what they are working on.

The system is cumbersome, antiquated with small areas of innovation, very small, but as long as all this work is being generated in an open and disconnected system, nothing changes, nothing improves, nothing is done – because all the forces of change are at odds with the status quo – so nothing but bickering and waste is going on.

Over the next while, I will be posting my vision for Canada, because we deserve better than what we have now – given how much we are asked to pay and how little we get in return.

I am in Canada

I am of Canada

I am Canadian

I want to be your Prime Minister

It’s My Job to Make Your Job Easier