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Stephen Harper Owes Nina Tryggvason $50 Campaign

Hi Dear Readers –

I know that some of you might want to do more than just send an email to the Prime Minister of Canada.

So I have asked an actual friend of mine – his name is Trevor and he is a self employed graphic designer who is helping with a Graphic Novel – he is a graphic designer by trade and an illustrator/painter by heart.

I asked Trevor to design a postcard for my $50 Dollars from Harper Quest/Outrageous Self Help Project


if you are willing to maybe hand some out – Trevor – as the Prince of Colour – is standing by to accept orders for postcards.

If you mention my name – well, you kind of have to so he knows which postcards that you would like to order – he promised me to give everyone a good rate and deal to support me – and he will probably give you a good rate if you ask him to design or have printed something for you – he ships worldwide and does very good design work.

Personal Testimonial: I had him design me a business card for this very blog that I could hand out – when I went to Alaska on the Skeptics Conference Cruise – and they went over big – so I expect that other bloggers will eventually figure out to make business cards to give to people they meet to bring more traffic to their blogs……

Professional Testimonial: When I organized the Flash Forward workshop for Women in Film – I hired The Prince of Colour to do all the print design work – so when I organized Flash Foward in 2009 – with Yvette and without Women in Film in Vancouver – we hired The Prince of Colour to do all the print design work – and it was a whole lot better – because when you know that the person who you are contracting work to appreciates and respects your work – it becomes so amazing that even the Professional Industry Guest Speakers wanted a copy of the Flash Forward Manual and they only saw the cover!

He’s a professional designer and my personal friend – I met Trevor through his wife – Vancouver’s own

Yvette Dudley-Neuman

(IMDB page link above and demo reels via the photo)

But – don’t take my word about Trevor – the Prince of Colour – he even tells people on his website not to take his word – so he asked his Mom to give her word:

and to explain exactly why I am promoting The Prince of Colour

It’s because I am writing a tv show and Yvette is going to be on it – so that’s what that Flash Forward workshop creates – teams of people who support each other’s careers – and when you are also friends with people from Flash Foward

you support each other – in all areas of life