Social Media – using fan clubs and facebook pages


the better part of discretion is STFU

once again


personal opinions are the least authoritative or socially valid – especially when they are vapid, self interested or willfully ignorant.

subject matter expert opinions are based in training, education and work experience – these opinion have merit and validity because they are based in understanding of the issues in a larger context than self interest

professional expert opinions are the ones to most direct public policy and law, because these are derived from the highest levels of education and detailed/extensive working experience that is often too complex for the average or layperson to understand unless they put in the effort to educate themselves either formally or an interest/hobby

outsider science is driving many advances just as outside art pushes the envelope


there’s room for everyone to have and express opinions

but remember that freedom of speech is not limited to first speech

nor is any speech consequence free


justifying rape as happens for a reason is the worst kind of ignorance and amounts to an endorsement and acceptance of rape.

it falls short of hate crime speech, but not by much.