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I cracked the source code

I started blogging when I gave up on writing screenplays – a few years back – when I decided to put my energy into my public service career – instead of the way that I had been living – with my spouse taking care of our lives and relationships – I was free to explore the world – non-profits and not for profits to government, grassroots activism to the arts community. from Straights to Gays, from Alphas to Geeks, from auto to beauro-crats across the spectrum of the communities that I participated in, balancing, comparing, contrasting, understanding from the innermost administrative machinations to the biggest idealist picture.

Originally, my blogs were an online diary about my new exploration of life – a married middle class middle age life in a suburb of Vancouver BC – a lesbian in Surrey, BC.

This blog was both a creative outlet – that I could do entirely as I wanted without needing some one else to give me money or give me permission – and my sanity saver – where I could try to puzzle out everything about the world that doesn’t make sense to me.

And the biggest question of all to my mind has been – with everything that we know about everything to do with people – why can’t we actually get along?

With everything that we know about communication, with the amazing capacity of our brains – why are we allowing the world to be as crappy and violent and miserable as it is? We have the resources, we have the knowledge and everyone says that they care about the poor, the homeless, the hungry?

All we lack is the will – because if there’s anything that human history has taught us – it is that we can do ANYTHING when we think collectively and put our backs and shoulders into it.

In less than 200 years, we went from horse and buggy to a man on the moon.

We can solve world hunger, coping with climate change, and fair distribution of wealth by ensuring everyone’s survival needs and letting everyone’s brain alarm system stand down – because no one can think rationally when they are hungry, in pain and in fear of their continued existence or facing the loss of happiness. Most of the world, cannot or will not, think rationally.

So – on my blog, I could be Queen of my own Universe – my corner of the blogosphere – but I am a kindly Queen – loving and authoritivative – just as my parents raised me to be.

But as Queen, I do not suffer fools gladly – if I am impatient, abrupt, patronizing and arrogant – it’s because – I don’t even want to say it – but trust me, there’s a very good reason why I am an arrogant know it better than you.

(three part backstory deleted)

I was always attracted to story telling – because stories are how humans really communicate.

I understand the story of our world. I have cracked the source code through my experience of the worlds within worlds that I have navigated my whole adult life, starting when I was 5 years old and I am 44 on January 19, 2012.

So – I want to prove to the world, just how smart I am – so I am offering for a limited time only until January 19, 2012 – One Free Answer to any problem that’s bothering you – with the stipulation that – the problem I solve is the one that I see, which isn’t necessarily the problem you see – otherwise, You would have already solved it.

I am the Problem Solver of the World – Open for Free Trade Of Experience with Problems for a introductory offer of actually Free – until January 19, 2012 – because after that – I have my own problems to resolve in final.

Post your problems here – and if they are interesting to me – I will solve them in a blog for you.

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