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Social Media – Fan Clubs – Vicki Wagner

Vicki Wager is an LA based comedian and I’ve been helping her with some promotional aspects – and what I did was start a fan club for her – it’s currently at 1,340 members.

Anyway – when starting up a fan club – you need to consider content – both a release schedule and what the content is.
In Vicki Wagner’s fan club, the posts range from the traditional videos and photos – as well as related to the topic posts – and a little self promotion never hurts.

So since I already screen shot a lot of what I do on Facebook for blogging – I thought I could add some interesting unique content to Vicki’s fan club by sharing the links to posts of the interactions between me and Vicki – a sort of – Hanging with Vicki feature
Exclusive to the fan club on facebook – but obviously, not exclusive-exclusive. being on the blog, eh?