Thinking in Relationships

I think that our brains are quantum computers and that evolution happens on the group level because of mutations that occur in individuals and are passed along or otherwise transmitted through groups – and ideas or modes of thinking, can travel through groups.

When I look at nature, everything seems to be forces at play against or with each other, waves, rhythm and force. We stand firm and are crushed, or we roll with it, carried along or sometimes, we can tap into the forces and sail on our own heading and path.

I think that as humans, we have the same senses, we have access to the same information so it’s just a matter what what context we pull the data into and what data we pay attention to. It’s all about the relationships and how we understand.

I think for much of our lives, we operate on an automatic setting, we learn the limits of our physical, mental, emotional abilities – and we learn about the limits of our environment – what society we’re told we have contrasted with what our actual experience of it is.

In Canada, we’re supposed to be blind to group characteristics and not interact with individuals as if the negative stereotypes of their group identifiers were (1) true and/or (2) true in this individual case.

We are supposed to be a nation of individuals who are equal to each other – but all the things that make up the pecking order from the quasi-privately held  discriminatory beliefs to workplace organizational charts. We find ways to impose a hierarchy in social structures and that hierarchy has it’s own conventions, which are at odds with how society and the best ideas about us, say we’re supposed to be.

Thus, managers think of employees as factory drones who should be glad to get a paycheck and be permitted to do the manager’s bidding. Because that manager is a factory drone to some higher manager – so it all goes back to the top ranked person and how they treat others and how that trickles down from society.

Which is why I think that there’s such a desire to enforce behavioural norms – everyone wants to understand society in simple terms to get to the top so that the rules don’t apply to them anymore.

And the dumb part is that the rules don’t apply to anyone anymore – once America broke with all previous government ideas – the idea that the individual was the social unit of consequence, all bets about social hierarchies were off.

America was the end to the tyranny of the accident of birth determining what your life would be like, an end to the drudgery and waste of humanity under feudal and caste societies.

America was the promise of the individual, limited only by the self imposed or accepted limitations of society; a promise that religion has dimmed.

If we think about the ages of civilization and the sense of continuity – we learn about Europe and the march of civilizations to their various drummers – America, Canada and Australia/New Zealand are nations on the global stage – but when you think of the totality, it’s easy to see that other nations would view these three as children nations of the United Kingdom’s Empire building.

These three nations are comprised of aboriginals who had entirely separate history and existence from the rest of the world – essentially a continued culture from the origins uninterrupted, without any concept of a fall from the garden state of grace they were still in Eden when Europe descended upon them. comparable to aliens landing and setting up colonies on earth as if humans were of no consequence; were in fact, vermin to be eradicated.

Because that’s what the European colonizing in aboriginal lands really was – a more technologically advanced people genociding a lesser technologically advanced people.

We didn’t have the idea of individuals mattering and meaning anything then, but people who have that idea now, can’t look at history and understand it because they don’t have a concept of the mindset of people at that time.

We laugh at the Romans lining their aqueducts with lead, resulting in mass lead poisoning – but how many years did we know about lead and still used it to make toothpaste tubes – the good kind that was metal and could be rolled up for better paste management than the plastic tubes that are safer. Or are they?

The aboriginals of north and south America and Australia/New Zealand are what give our nations their unique relationship to the rest of the world – because we the colonizers are what stand between the aboriginals and the other nations of people – we colonizers stand as Canadians, Americans, Australians in the place of the aboriginal peoples of these lands.

And until the aboriginal populations are actually equal citizens, then we are not nations on the world stage, we will continue to be colonizers, playing at being a nation – because we are not yet integrated nations where the promise of what being a citizen means is meaningfully experienced by all the members of the society.