Recognizing Realities


recovery is a process

Now I lay me down to sleep, I remind my brain that I liiiiiiikkkkeeeeee sleep

last thoughts before bed

deep cleansing breath

notice and let go

Good night internet

Dear readers of Random Ntrygg and Nina’s Garden

Hello nearest and dearest and newest readers!

I really want to thank you all for continuing to follow along with my thoughts and observations about communication and interacting with people following a PTSD event and being in recovery; then working through the various mental health challenges that arise in the aftermath of being a stand up person in a very toxic corporate culture.

Because it really was reaching out to people over the internet that provided support in ways that people around me, could never have been able to do.

So, I just wanted to just touch base with my subscribers, my most regular commenters and my fellow bloggers that I have become genuine and meaningful friends with.

Thank you all very much for helping me and supporting me during my struggle and during my depression and now, ever since January 1, 2012 through my recovery process.

So, I just wanted to share some of my progress with you all.

I am at age 44, the healthiest that I have been in my adult life physically. And, I am the smartest that I have ever been mentally. Emotionally, it’s still very much a day to day, sometimes hour by hour constant marathon or juggling event.

But I have an amazing support team in place in person and on line. so the range of those emotions are a lot more manageable and focused than they have been for a very long time.
After all, it’s why I revamped the “It’s a good enough thing” blog into “Living Well” around the time that I also converted this site into Nina’s Garden from Random Ntrygg,

One of the things I did to make myself feel better was to start a fan club for myself on Facebook and the funny part is that it’s stilling going. so ……..

I was thinking of starting a newsletter and making the fan club more like a actual fan club.

or is this just a little too silly. either way, it makes me laugh. and that’s the secret to having a happy day. you can make yourself laugh at yourself for small and silly things.

but you know, in a funny way that makes fun of the whole idea of newsletters.

sort an intentionally and pointed bland joke as self parody; which, if you knew how many newsletters that I have worked on when I worked in a print shop or as a volunteer in as many grassroots, community and professional organizations as I have been involved in.



Mass Shootings

Whether it’s at school at work or just out and about in the ordinary world, we can never know when we might be the stranger and be reduced to a statistic and a mention in a news story.

But what we can know is this: DO WE KNOW A POTENTIAL SHOOTER?

a potential suicide or any degree or magnitude of loss of a person because of the lack of a social safety network that supports mental health and psycological well being.

How we treat each other is often horrifying and completely basesless, we need to move beyond stereotypes and prejudice and the idea that our prejuges should have any force or substance or meaning in reality.

we need to work and play well with others

we need an economy that supports people participating at the highest level of their capacity and recognize the right to exist, to be free to pursuit happiness, whatever that means to the individual

the right to swing your arm, ends well before anyone else’s nose begins

we need to see each other as people, because that makes these types of events unthinkable to deprive folks of their life

and then the other half is the CRITICAL INCIDENT DEBRIEF….