Religion is a thin veneer

If you have health, wealth and happiness; what do you need religion for?

Religion is ‘s main social function appears to be to make the poor people stay poor and not rise up at night to slaughter the rich for a social revolution and reward now on the promise of a reward after death. And for extra incentive, we through in social niceties like being poor is noble and honest as well as resulting into an easier pass through the heavenly gates.

We’re not supposed to notice that the very rich are not exactly sharing the ignoble wealth to grease their own way in, I suppose we should be greatful that they hoard the wealth now, to make it easier for the rest of us.

Aside: Which is difficult to say, since merely living in a secular democratic nation means you’re in the top 10% of wealth people globally speaking.

In addition to religion keeping the poor poor on the promise of the afterlife reward, there’s also the brainwashing to think that the poor have somehow earned or deserve this low status from their previous life or actions/thoughts in this – depending on if the religion is reincarnation based or not.

Religion is a veneer that claims to provide proof of balance and fairness in the universe; but that veneer is spotty and worn very thin, given the amount of imbalance an unfairness that religion represents.

To claim that membership in a group means that your group is chosen or better than all other groups is not balance and is patently unfair – since religions are regionally based – so if there was a true religion, the chances of being born in a region where it is practised so that you can be exposed to it and join are fairly stacked against everyone.

You probably have a better chance of winning a lottery than being born to the correct religion – and if religion has any merit, there’s a lot more riding on the religion than the ticket.

What if the one true religion is one of the handful that you have to be born to to be included in?

Seriously, I don’t know how believers can live with the uncertainty of their certainty.

The Safe Word is Atheist

Three is so much insecurity around sex, especially for the religious people.

I don’t think that any people think and concern themselves with sex as much as a religion person trying to stop other people from having sex.

It’s like they have to condemn sex in public to give themselves permission to be kinky as all get out in private.

It’s like they do the good deed (condemn others) and that creates a positive, so then make everything balance by then doing the bad deed (sex).

More likely, they are just self loathing kinky perverts who can’t control themselves and are deluded into thinking that everyone is like them – and we’ll all band in public to condemn what we do in private.

They do not understand not being ashamed – and that’s why they cling to religion – it says if you obey your shame and don’t do anything that is natural to you, then you’ll be released from that hell into heaven so, if they just got over themselves, stop being ashamed, they could enjoy heaven now.

Hey religious kinky people! Atheist is the safe word!

Our Brain Reward System

Our brains are working against our ability to make and carry out good choices.

It turns out that when people in a restaurant are offered a choice of salad or fries, merely considering salad as an option causes our brains to release the reward chemicals and sensations as it would if we actually selected the salad.

So, considering a good choice acts as permission to make the bad choice.

We don’t seem to consider that we may later regret that bad choice, because we tend to prefer to avoid or delay harm or bad consequences, even when we bring them on ourselves. There’s a little bit of Scarlett O’Hara in all of us.

This made me realize why so many high-profile people are so righteous – arguing for restricting gay rights and condemning gay sex as immoral is basically giving yourself permission to head to the nearest cruising zone to get yourself some.

I don’t think it’s a “do as I pray, but not as I do” situation or even arrogant risk taking anymore.

People really are not good or bad, but a neutral balancing act between the two things – I have done a good thing (condemn gays) so now I can or must do a bad thing (gay sex) in order for good and bad to be in balance.

Which really puts a new perspective on all those arguments in Dungeons and Dragons game about what actions are within any given character’s alignment. We all tend towards neutral by doing both good and bad actions and choices to create a net zero balance.

Aside: for the non-geeks – Character alignment is a character’s worldview of lawfulness (lawful, neutral, chaotic) and fairness (good, neutral, chaotic). A character can be any combination of one from the law column and one from the fair column.

Here’s an alignment quiz you can take.

I’m Lawful Neutral.

The only way to move away from these sorts of choices would be to consider future consequences instead of instant gratification.

Although in the extreme cases of dramatic differences between a person’s public morality and private activities, is probably more in need of serious therapy for the high level of self loathing the person is compensating for. Given how completely normal racism used to be (just watch any 1940’s cartoons), it’s really a matter of time before anti-gay public statements stop driving public policy.

So if you are trying to improve your health, it’s not enough to consider salad and order fries – order the salad and get the reward of considering a good choice and carrying out that good choice into future benefit. Remembering that fries may be the better option if the “salad” is soaked with fatty dressing, cheese and lunch-meats. That’s not really a salad, that’s a submarine sandwich minus the bun.

If you really don’t want to have gay sex, then stop talking against it so much in public. If you slip up and have gay sex, then instead of talking, lobbying, drafting legislation and voting for it (or the politician), make a donation to a charity instead – Doctors without Borders is about as good as it gets.

At least that way, when you get caught – and you will be – in the gay bar or outed by your lover – there’s not really a scandal because you’ve not had a public record on the matter.

Better yet, stop thinking about sex – any sex as a bad thing – sex is a good thing, it’s good for stress release, creates intimacy, feels good and is a great cardio workout. So, if you shift your framework just a bit, the sex (gay or not)  can be the neutralizing act in and of itself – the perceived immorality is balanced by the health benefits.