Marriage Equality for all – featured subtext: marriage between equals matters too

Personal Freedom is all about self determism and bodily integrity

Our bodies ourselves – seriously – we all have the right to bodily integrity and any government making legislation with respect to who controls our bodies …..

no wonder why elections are hijacked and voters disqualified …. religion poisons everything and the freedom we have is measured by the distance between church and state.

the state has no legitimate interest in the bedrooms of the nation. marriage is contract law and is about property taxes, inheritance and fair division in the event of divorce and that is the end of the state’s interest – and religion has no business involved in civil marriage – religious groups are not opposing atheist and agnostics heterosexuals getting married or prisoners if they claim a moral ground or celebrities for a scared/respect for marriage basis –

there is no legal or ethical reason to deny same gender marriage – but there are equality issues raised by polygamy – which is the traditional religious marriage of many faiths, including early Christianity and Mormonism..

Lest We Forget