Santorum – that frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that occurs with anal sex.

and the dude is worse because he has a dead baby fetish. seriously – google it – he kept his dead baby for several days at home and took family portraits with it.

that is disturbed. do not make a fetish of death.
but more importantly, don’t vote for people who have death fetishes
because they are the ones who tend to start wars
and will send You or your children off to die in them
while they stay home and their children do not go to war

and anyone who goes out of their way to claim to be moral in public
is the kinkiest, most perverted person in private
because the only thing they are bothered by
re people who are honest enough to do what they wish they had the balls or boobs or brains or integrity to do.

I am a lesbian, I am a science fiction geek and I am a kinky person. Proud to be honest and public about that. so now you know that in private, I am deeply moral and decent.