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Random Ntrygg Draft Archive 2011/09/10 – billions

who’s left standing is really a matter of who is better at managing their resources – and one of those management techniques is population size control.

While in many countries, the survival strategy is to have as many children as you can to ensure that some survive to adulthood and to take care of you when you’re elderly – this is not sustainable globally.

in a way, to be unselfish in terms of overall species survival and diversity, perhaps we need to allow each country stand or fall on their own.

That means ending foriegn aid, cease saving lives regardless of the quality of that life (ie premature babies, neomorts, coma patients)

basically, stop looking at saving all lives at any cost now to improve the quality of life in the future.

the concept of Triage needs to be applied globally and triage is the compassionate balance to nature being red in tooth and claw