A Homosexual’s Response to a Christians Response to Homosexuality

A Female Bible Warrior talks about homosexuality here.

Well, I had a longer response, but it got eaten somehow and lost in the ether.

Okay, well, I guess I was wrong to think that you were open to a curious and compassionate discussion.

It’s disappointing to me, but as long as you genuinely don’t understand what is so wrong with your slippery slope nonsense and you can’t see what harm that people putting their personal morality above the law and equality of other people and what harms that this causes for living breathing people.

Because you might want to consider, given the global nature of the internet that when you say that you’re a Christian, depending on a person’s experience and understanding of history – you are saying Christian and only you know what that means to you – and I was curious enough by how you wrote to see if there was something to get to know.

Instead of curiosity or compassion, you tell me that I am not equal in your eyes and I never will be. There is no discussion possible between inequal people of what they have in common or what they can learn from each other; because you view me as lesser value than you. Because you are not connected to understanding the natural world or the nature of the public square. That makes me sad that you are living in a nation that started a grand experiment – a society where individuals were and are the social unit of consequence with the freedom to take liberties with whatever makes you happy.

But instead of that discussion, I get compared to someone who has an attraction to animals and that my marriage to my partner of 17 years is less valuable than celebrity or prisoner or game show marriages because at least those are straight people.

That’s how you are coming across to me – and other people will and can be hearing something very different than you mean, ranging from: systemic sexual abuse of Children, Meth off of Hookers, Big Hair and Bigger Embezzlement Schemes and the eternal terror/dread of being caught with a dead girl or an alive boy.

But worst of all, they are more likely hearing isolationist, puritanical, end of days hysteria – like Chicken Little not understanding that it’s acorns and not the sky because Chicken Little got a religious disclaimer instead of science class.

Is that what you want to be seen as?

Or do you just not want to realize that that’s a possibility and go back to a Christian bubble reality where everyone else is just a perpetually rebelling teenager or dedicated to immorality and of no consequence to you.
Because it seems to me that if you want to be a Bible Warrior – then you need to know what you’re up against, it’s an up hill and not a pretty battle.

Unless you are only going to battle with other Christians over the details.

sexual censorship


Perhaps we should listen to those who would censor sexual content – they warn that porn becomes an obsession and leads to greater perversion – and who is more obsessed with porn and sex than censors?

So, when censors are willing to admit to their depravity, maybe we can have a reasoned public debate on the harms and impact.


Best religion?

It’s always funny to me when a believer wants atheists to rank religions in terms of what the atheist thinks them acceptable or more believable.

Because when the broadest stroke – a deity/supernatural – is ridiculous on it’s own, the details of worshiping said skydaddy aren’t even considerations in ranking them.

That some religions are worse than others in their violence levels (historic and current), their oppression of women and their attitudes towards minorities and non-/other believers, doesn’t make the least offender acceptable or more beleivable.

Worse, that these believers don’t realize that their attempt to create a slippery slope where if this religion is okay, then why not the next most similar one, is such a clumsy and obvious strategy that is easily sidestepped by answering none of them are acceptable or at all beleiveable.

Well, maybe they don’t realize or more likely, that they don’t respect the atheist as an intelligent person so dishonestly expect that we won’t see through their sad attempt to get a concession.

In any event, I’d rather be the worst of a good thing than the best of a bad thing.

Why are Believers intellectually dishonest?

Why do the Believers lie?

I’m not saying they do it every day – but when they debate atheists or talk about evolution they do.

They clearly don’t understand it, but aren’t honest enough to say that.

Instead, they misrepresent what evolution is and will use words to mean one thing instead of the proper definition from the context.

Like “You believe in evolution”

No, I don’t believe in evolution, I accept evolution based on the evidence for it.

“It’s not a fact, it’s a theory.”
Well, a theory in science is not a guess, it’s a framework that explains all the facts. If you don’t understand a scientific theory from a layperson’s theory, then why aren’t you complaining about the Theory of Gravity to the same degree that you are about the Theory of Evolution?

And you never get an answer for that question.

But, I am not the audience for these people, their audience isn’t really atheists or anyone who’s had a good education in science.

They are trying to confuse the poorly educated (or poorly remembered about their eduction) to get numbers on their side – as if reality is up for a vote or that numbers on one side gives it validity. (shocking news, if you add up any religious group and then add up everyone who’s not in that group, more people aren’t in it than there are!)

Numbers of believers do not mean the belief is true – I think it comes down to their insecurity as an individual

they can only be right and valid if they can force everyone to be as they are

absolutist thinkers, heterosexual and anti-sex and anti-anything that challenges their tidy and simplistic world view

they don’t get to be special or right in a world where there’s more questions than answers, where morals are not derived from a checklist and are in fact situational and difficult – where they can pretend that nothing changes since god made the world perfect

and the world does change – even religions evolve – they have to it’s all about the market share – the xtian sects of 2000 years ago are nothing like the sects today

I don’t think that they are smart enough to be intellectually dishonest.