Raise a Little Hell

geeks change the world in many ways
and that leadership – behind the scenes as it is

is sometimes influenced by social attitudes


after all the reason that we assumes that ancient civilations used slave labour

was because at the time of early archeology, slavery was a social norm around the world


so while slavery has existed through human history – for many cultures – massive public works engineering projects were what the population did during the off-harvest season


so it’s important for geeks – as social outsiders – to lead the way towards that Star Trek future we so crave


where everyone is an equal individual and the group demographic characteristics are just part of the spectrum of diversity of the human experience

Recognizing Realities


Painful essence reduction


Guerrilla Girls – Where activism meets artistry

Discerning Discrimination vs Dealing Discrimination


Equality is the measure of freedoms in a society

the ability for everyone to economically participate and have security of shelter and food is also the minimum measurables for a healthy society.


Education, health care, economic paripication, crime rates, life expectancy – these are all measures of the value of the civilzation


not how many or few people qualify to be in the wealthy elite.


history shows what happens when the rich get too rich and the poor have no other options.


we look for napoleons and too often, end up with hitlers.