Best Elvis BioPic: Elvis Meets Nixon

I think this is one of the most brilliant Elvis biographical movies made.
By focusing on this one event, one of the few times, Elvis ever seems to have used the power of his own celebrity for favours and consideration well outside of the social norms. even for celebrities.
Elvis… Graceland really was the first man cave crib… Blingdom.


for a look at all the documents – the letter, the photos.

Education site for the event

US government archived site

Smithsonian Magazine article

FBI files on Elvis Presley


To a Mosaic, a Melting Pot, means glue

Average is the distribution’s middle

Born what way?

We are born and we are taught to beleive many things – but until we are taught the beliefs, we don’t already have belief or sense of the beliefs – childhood is learning what the norms are for your family and what the range of norms are in your respective society

the question is whether we continue learning to put context on our childhood

or whether we stay as children and don’t question or seek meaningful answers

We make friends as children and engage in play at other children’s homes – and we see the differences and the similarities. So we begin to develop a sense of what’s normal and what’s normal for me.

But if a childhood is sub-optimal, poverty, abuse, absentee parent(s), or we don’t learn to distinguish between social norms and personal norms – or we learn that our normal was sub-optimal and no adults intervened to correct the situation – then our experience of society is very different than the norms.

Our ability to accept social norms is tainted by experience into cynicism or perpetual victimhood or perpetual aggressor behaviour – as in out for number 1, except that number 1 is unworthy, so relationships become complicated even before a second person is connected to.

We are born as information and experience sponges – we are able to recognize faces and voices very early and we learn how to understand the facial expressions and vocal tones – which is why, with just a baby engaged tone of voice, you can have a baby happily cooing and eating while you  recite the phone book.

So it’s the experiences and the quality of care-taking that shapes what we beleive about ourselves, the world and our place in the world – that puts the limitations on our potential. Nurture informs nature.

So, we really do need to think of the children – think about the messages they get in society.

And I wonder, how people who think like Michele Bachman can look at a child and tell them that their family, that they experience as loving and is their whole world – and say that their parents shouldn’t be allowed to be together or have a child.

How can people who claim to follow a god of love – look at the families that gays and lesbians have created and beleive that ours are lesser than their families.

That our children are being harmed when it’s us who give them love and comfort and the religious people who judge and act as if their judgement is legally valid, when it’s religiously derived and not legally valid.

Seriously, if they really beleive that god sorts everyone out – then leave people to live their lives as they see fit.

I can only think that this need to make people’s lives miserable is because religious proponents secretly suspect there is no god, so they have to make the sinners suffer now, in case there is no final judgement.

After all, how many other nations have allowed gays and lesbians marriage and not been subjected to Armageddon?