Raise a Little Hell

geeks change the world in many ways
and that leadership – behind the scenes as it is

is sometimes influenced by social attitudes


after all the reason that we assumes that ancient civilations used slave labour

was because at the time of early archeology, slavery was a social norm around the world


so while slavery has existed through human history – for many cultures – massive public works engineering projects were what the population did during the off-harvest season


so it’s important for geeks – as social outsiders – to lead the way towards that Star Trek future we so crave


where everyone is an equal individual and the group demographic characteristics are just part of the spectrum of diversity of the human experience

Why is the Scientific Political?

Shouldn’t both science and politics reflect the actual reality of the society and the environment that we exist in?

and not be subject to people’s personal beliefs or religions or worse, their business agendas.

I mean really, why is it so hard to people to realize that if the situation involved people of different ethnicity, orientations and beliefs  – then you leave your beliefs at home, treat people with manners and courtesy – that the reality we share has to be comfortable and workable for any and everyone.


after all, if you expect to be treated in a certain way, you better be extending that same level back to them. equal under the law and equal in the social contract.
org charts do not determine a person’s value as a person
niether does job titles or the size of a paycheque


but the quality and caliber of their character and how they treat others.





From the 2011 archives: Religion vs Social Justice

what’s new is that we’re no longer willing to coddle religious sensibilities

if 9/11 taught us anything, it’s that we can’t afford to pretend that religion has merit or is a force for good in the world

religion is about diving people between the real true believers and everyone who’s lesser

and since all religions claim to be the one true one, and there’s nothing to recommend one over any other

we need to put them all aside in favour of social justice and equality

riffin – from the draft archive

the gospel of Elvis

Religion seeks to control you
by making you think that you deserve to feel bad for something you’ve done

to make sure you feel bad about something you’ve done
religion picks on sex and sexuality

everyone feels sexual, you can’t escape it, it’s on your mind


That you deserve sex is the highest form of self-love
self-love is masturbation
enlightenedlove is a an opposite gender couple

perpetual enlightenment heightened self love is a same gender couple

mother issues – SM self imposed punishment – lesbian is the safe word

to change from insanity to sanity

you have to forgive yourself, let go of the anger

that you have towards yourself for things that you did and didn’t do
for things that you think that you’ve done or failed to do

do not take on more responsibility or guilt or blame

than what is appropriate to what you have actually done

if you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t

then the only outcome of doomed to fail is to succeed

at some level of magnitude, since nothing ever works out how it is expected to, including failure

the path between; pick the path, each will have it’s own sphere of influence

in terms of a position, it’s regulating an interface

Rape is an Epic Fail and never legit

Mostly, this is because of religions that say sex is bad.

people deny themselves, get all messed up over sex and develop pyschotic control freak attitudes about it.

sex is both physically and mentally healthy for you. masturbation is the ultimate safe sex.
but the energy and intimacy between two or more people, as per your preferences and legitmate access to. Including whether you’re really in an open relationship or not…

well, that’s really only the business of the people invited and no one else is entitled to force their values or opnions into laws that other people have to abide by.

the ability to chose what do do with and to and in our bodies is to each of us individually.

personal sovereignty. it’s what secular democracy is all about.

any one who seeks to control the personal behaviours of others, is substantially, but not technically breaking the law. although, it is a fun legal what if scenario to play with.

something to blog about later, dear readers.



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Writer Chat 41 – Separation of Hollywood and Religion

The summer of 1985, I spent working as a chambermaid on the TransCanada highway, somewhere between Banff and what was then a tiny village, not even a town, Canmore.

I was 17 years old and I met a woman named Clyster Hayes. She was in her 40’s and was writing musical theatre. She was an amazing woman and she introduced me to a lot of new things and ideas that summer. I can honestly say that my life would have been poorer if I had not met her. I always regretted not keeping in touch, but such is what happens when you are a callow youth with a world awaiting to be conquered.

There is one particular story and piece of advice that I would like to share, because it was possibly the best timed and most needful thing that I ever listened to right at the moment that I needed to hear truth the most.

Clyster was a singer before she was a writer and when she was 19, she was offered her own variety show on CBC, Canada’s National Television Network. Americans could think of it as PBS as a whole network.

She turned down the opportunity, because she knew that at 19, she didn’t know herself well enough. That becoming famous would forever change the life she was just sorting out for herself. She didn’t regret that choice in her 40’s.

Being 44 now myself. I better understand, because I pursued fame as a career goal.

But the career I wanted was not the one that I ended up having. That was okay with me, because fame was always a minor goal in the grand scheme of goals for my life.

Because I have always cared more for social justice and equality, long before I ever considered fame or when fame became a real possibility for me.

And I still do. Care more about social justice, equality and fairness more than any other value.

The pursuit of happiness is not made possible by the pursuit of money. Easier yes, money creates shortcuts in ways that have unintended consequences  when or maybe if a person is lucky enough to learn just how hollow an achievement money is when it’s the end and not merely a means to support something more noble.

but unless you can be happy with who you are as a person, you will always be vulnernable to the whims and will of others.

who will offer whatever it takes to get your attention or your money and offer to cure what illness your own insecurities creates.

There is nothing wrong with being gay – and religion is the primary means by which that not being okay is created, so they can only cure that by stopping the hate and lies that makes people feel bad about themselves.

The group or person who makes you insecure in yourself cannot help you to regain any measure of security.

that goes for demographic social group interactions across society or just between 2 people in a relationship.

Change the conversation, change the relationship.