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bible god is a dick

Bob of Quantum-Faith: So? God was jealous? Of our new-found knowledge?
That makes little since… at least not to me.


Nina: god was replaced with the newfound knowledge

because god was rejected as the source of the knowledge

and Adam and Eve didn’t need god’s guidance anymore, they could sort things out on their own

which, they weren’t able to do until they acquired the knowledge – sure he said not to eat, but they didn’t know they were doing bad to eat – well Eve anyway, which is why women get the short end, when she got Adam to eat, she knew and he didn’t – and women have been blamed ever since – despite that neither of them knew before they ate

so again, god set them up for failure

same as he set Cain up for failure, since accepting Abel’s sacrifice and not Cain’s was arbitrary

if there is a god, and it’s this bible god, then that god is a dick setting everyone up for a fall