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How we understand things often depends on the context, the pretext, the subtext…

and especially the time line that we use as a frame of reference

where people and conversations go wrong is the gap between the understanding of the parties.

This is the first day – October 20, 2012 that I have been able to look at anything resembling office productivity tools software. Charts, graphics, statistics and trend analysis, mass data compilation towards comprehension devices and images.

I spent 13 years as a federal public service employee collating and analyzing data…

so actually illiterate and functionally illiterate because of trauma

does not mean I actually lost the ability to read and comprehend what was written – and to some degree spoken,


but I didn’t lose my ability to communicate to others. it’s just that no one was indicating that they were listening

so I just kept communicating until someone answered.

in many ways…


Geometric Angles

My Most Controversial Post : Nina Absolute Unplugged

I do not apologize for my opinions and I will not alter my views or soft peddle them because of other people’s emotional or personal response.

My opinions are not based in prejudice or disdain or dislike of any individual. That said, I do have opinions about the behaviours of groups and I have no respect or consideration to cultural or religious traditions that result in real harm to individuals or vulnerable groups.

I am a naturalist and an artist. I am a rationalist and a compassionate person.

So if you are offended, then it’s down to your own views or assumptions about the world and your place in it.

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Don’t complain if you do not like what you read.

It’s this lesbian’s opinion about vasectomies and heterosexual men.